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Living room tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-15

  The tiles in the living room

How to choose the color of the tiles in the living room? The color matching of the tiles in the living room is very important, so how to choose the color of the tiles in the living room? Let's see it together. (Living room tiles)

   For a relatively spacious living room, warm color tiles and warm color tiles can be used to make the living room present a warmer home atmosphere, especially beige, brown, and orange And other colors.

   will make the whole space appear more relaxed and comfortable, and the pure and bright colors of red and yellow are not suitable for the living room, because these colors make people feel irritable.

   Black, white, and gray are the most common colors in the decoration of floor tiles in the living room. White can make the living room brighter and more transparent, and can also be matched with other colors in the living room.

   Gray is full of artistic flavor and is loved by many home decoration designers, making the living room look more elegant. Black tiles can be used to decorate the living room to make it more spacious.

   For a living room with a small space or poor lighting conditions, choosing tiles with cool colors can not only make you feel comfortable visually, but also expand the visual effect of the space.

   Living room tiles need to be selected according to the overall home style, such as pastoral living room decoration, the best choice is light yellow, green and other light-colored tiles, and modern minimalist styles are best to choose gray, white and other monotone tiles.

   It is very necessary to choose the color of the living room tiles according to the color of the wallpaper. If the walls are warm, the tiles should also be light-colored tones such as beige and ivory, which can make the living room look more spacious, bright and harmonious. .

   The color of the tiles in the living room can be matched according to the light in the living room. The living room with good light can choose darker tiles. If the light in the living room is dark, light-colored tiles can be used.


   The content of the color selection of the living room tile is here. If you have any doubts, you can check it out on our official website.


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