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How to tiling tiles professionally

by:JIABANG     2021-05-04

   Many newly renovated friends should have been distressed. They just saw some beautiful tiled pictures on the Internet and wanted to imitate them, but often they don’t know how to choose when they are tiling tiles. Tai's tiles have different decoration effects, let's briefly introduce how to put tiles to look good! (Picture of tiles)

  1. Choose tiles to paste

   tiles are the most traditional type of tiles, and compared to all kinds of tiles now, Its water absorption rate is higher, and it is also very cheap, smooth, and light. It is suitable for wet and easily dirty walls such as kitchens, bathrooms, balconies, etc., also known as kitchen and bathroom tiles. However, it is not hard enough, and its durability is a little bit worse.

  2. Choose polished tiles to paste

   Polished tiles are a kind of whole-body tiles, which can only be formed after a lot of processing. Polished tiles are very bright, with smooth surface, high hardness and not easy to scratch. They are suitable for living rooms and balconies, but they are easily contaminated, so they cannot be used in bathrooms and kitchens. Compared with kitchens, places such as kitchens hide dirt and are very easy to get dirty.

  3. Choose polished outdoor ceramic tile to paste

   is polished outdoor ceramic tile. Relatively speaking, patterns and other aspects are better done. In addition, the outdoor ceramic tile have a good anti-slip effect, which is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, and has many colors and good looks. But it is not wear-resistant and hard enough, and the price is higher than that of polished ceramic tiles.

  4. Choose the whole body outdoor wood deck tiles to paste

   The whole body outdoor wood deck tiles is relatively flat compared to the above two kinds of tiles, but at that time this kind of tile is wear-resistant Good performance and good slip resistance. However, the appearance value is not high enough, and the surface is relatively rough. It is often used in balconies and kitchens, but seldom used in bedrooms, living rooms and other places that need to show appearance.

   So if you want to buy ceramic tiles, you still have to understand their characteristics more! If you want to achieve the effect of the tiled pictures on the Internet, you still have to think about it! Finally, thank you for watching! (Picture of tiles)


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