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How to distinguish the quality of ceramic tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-16

   Now the construction industry is booming, so there is also a distinction between good and bad ceramic tiles. If we choose the good ones, we will save a lot of trouble. If the bad ones, there will be a series of troubles. Then how to distinguish the quality of ceramic tiles?

   The first step: look at the water absorption rate of the tiles. 

   Pour some mineral water on the front and back sides of the tiles, carefully observe the water penetration, after ten minutes, if the water has not been absorbed, it means that you have a good eye for the tiles and selected high-quality tiles.

   Step 2: Look at the flatness of the tiles

    The flatness of the tiles is not good, and the tiles will rise after laying it later. For the lighter, knock off the upturned tiles and reattach them. You may have to knock out all the tiles and buy again. Therefore, when buying tiles, you must distinguish whether the surface of the tiles is flat. Put two tiles of the same style together to see if there is a gap between them.

   The third step: look at the straightness of the corners of the tiles

The straightness of the corners of the tiles will also affect the later laying and use of the tiles. If the corner is not a right angle, there will be a big gap between the tile and the tile, and a lot of jointing agent is used to joint, and the effect is very ugly. It is similar to the identification of flatness. Use two tiles of the same style to form a quadrilateral, and see if the gap in the middle is big.

   Step 4: Look at the stain resistance of the tiles to do this anti-fouling test is very simple, just use an oil-based pen, write a few words on the surface of the tile, wait a while for the ink to dry, and then use a rag Or wipe it with a paper towel to see if it is easy to wash off.

  Step 5: Look at the degree of wear resistance of ceramic tiles

   In recent years, ceramic tiles have undergone a series of innovations in wear resistance, whether it is polished tiles, microcrystalline stones, There is a qualitative leap in polished glaze, antique bricks and the like. So how to judge whether the tile surface is wear-resistant? You can use a tool such as a key to scratch the surface of the tile.  How to distinguish the quality of ceramic tiles is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the decoration knowledge to learn more.

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