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How to deal with wall tiles empty drum

by:JIABANG     2021-05-30

  How to deal with this problem of wall tile hollowing is still relatively common in our lives, but this problem is still quite a headache, and it is also a technical problem, and it is also a matter of our own life if we do not handle it properly. Very influential. In the following, the editor will also mention how to deal with the wall tile hollowing, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

  How to deal with wall tile hollowing:    1. A problem I will tell you today is also a common problem in life, that is, how to deal with wall tile hollowing.  2. The handling of tile hollowing depends on the degree of damage. If the mortar is not loose and only the tiles fall off, you can scrape the mortar on the back of the tile and the surrounding mortar, mix a little cement into the 107 glue to make a paste, and apply a thin layer evenly on the back of the tile. After pressing the tiles, they can stick firmly; if the mortar falls together with the tiles, first lightly dig some pits on the original foundation surface, and re-attach it with mortar mixed with 107 glue, or use cement, e-44 epoxy Resin, acetone, and ethylenediamine are available in chemical stores. Mix well at a ratio of 5:3:2:1. Use a brush to brush a layer on the foundation surface, and then press the tiles that fell off until the mortar hardens.  3. The serious consequence is to re-lay the tiles. Pay attention to the tiles: large vitrified tiles, tiles with relatively low water absorption, it is better to use tile glue to increase the viscosity of the cement mortar. In addition, check other floor tiles that are not bulging, tap the outdoor wood deck tiles surface with a hard object lightly, listen to the sound, see if there is any hollow sound, and judge whether there are bubbles or hollow drums inside. If there are any, the floor tiles also need to be tilted. Start to re-lay, otherwise these voided floor tiles will bulge up sooner or later. 4. Tile hollowing not only affects the use effect, but also looks unsightly, so corresponding preventive techniques should be taken when laying tiles, such as: the cement grout bonding layer is evenly painted, and the painting time cannot be too long to prevent it from drying and hardening. , Cause the surface layer and the base layer to separate; mix the mortar strictly according to the ratio, do not add water at will, the mortar should be dry and hard, and the general thickness should be controlled at 2-3 cm; when paving the floor tiles, the back dust should be cleaned and watered , To ensure good adhesion. Nowadays, the decoration of new houses is generally requested by the decoration company, and few owners do it personally and escort. The editor recommends finding a professional decoration company to minimize the occurrence of tile hollowing.   In house decoration, hollowing of wall tiles is always a very difficult problem, so the tile problem is really not easy. So, if you have to buy ceramic tiles, then you can find out about the decking tile brand.

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