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How to choose the quality of tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-26

   We will see many types of ceramic tiles in our lives. Ceramic tiles are the materials we often come into contact with, but we don’t know much about this material. The following editor will introduce how to choose the quality of ceramic tiles.

   First, check whether the joints of the bricks are aligned, whether the overall surface is flat, and whether the joints of the bricks are of the same size. The joints should be filled tightly, straight, evenly wide and narrow, without obvious dislocation. Secondly, check whether there is an empty drum in the paste. The inspection method usually uses a special small hammer to gently tap the four corners and the middle of the floor tiles to detect whether the floor tiles have hollow drums. If there is a hollow sound of a hollow drum, it means that the quality of the decoration is unqualified and must be removed and replaced in time. During the inspection, mark the hollow floor tiles.   Then, the splash test is very important. Balconies, toilets, etc. all have drainage slope requirements. This “process” can be carried out afterwards. After all other items have been checked, use a water container to pour water on the ground. After a while, the presence of local water indicates that the drainage slope is insufficient.   In addition, the acceptance of paving is related to the quality of the tiles, and the internal cohesion process is not completely completed when it is first laid. After 20 days, the cement strength is fully up before acceptance. At that time, see if the tiles will crack.  Finally, the ceramic tiles are top grade with good hardness, strong toughness and not easy to break. Scratch each other with the edges and corners of the fragments of the tiles, check whether the broken fragments are fine or loose, whether they are hard, brittle or soft, whether they leave scratches, or are scattered powder. If the former is the top grade, the latter is the quality. difference.  How to choose the quality of ceramic tiles is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the decking tile brand to learn more.

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