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How to choose the ceramic tile of the sitting room floor tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-18

is the key of the household decorates sitting room, is a home of the first impression, determines the main tone of the entire home outfit, so every detail is extremely important. Today we began to focus on the living room granite floor tiles, tell me something about the living room floor tile color techniques of choose and buy.

how to choose the living room granite floor tiles

1, colour and lustre is uniform appearance. General granite floor tiles surface needs to be bright and clean dirt, unless some special process to choose the outdoor ceramic tile. And polishing brick gloss is the important basis of judging its quality, the higher the gloss, explain the polishing craft masterly, relative hardness also higher and higher, thus bibulous rate is low, the wear-resisting degree is higher.

2, the anti-pollution ability is better. When the choose and buy can be on the surface of ceramic tile drop a drop or two of ink or colored water, after half an hour with a wet cloth to wipe the, if have obvious traces its easy ooze. The basic didn't leave any trace, prove its good anti-fouling ability.

3, too big dimension deviation. The stitching together of four floor tile, see if there is a dislocation phenomenon between them. If have deviation, so whether the deviation in the normal range ( Size error is greater than zero. 5 mm, flatness is greater than zero. 1毫米) 。 If it is within the normal range, then the floor tile can be bought, the shop is stuck when has no great influence on the construction and decoration effect.

4, bibulous rate is to meet the requirements. Bibulous rate is lower, illustrating its products the higher density, the less easy to penetrate. Usually color ceramic tile is not more than 10%; No glaze porcelain tiles ( Including polishing brick) Shall not exceed 0. 5%; Glaze porcelain tiles is not greater than 1%.

5, listen to the voice ceramic tile. Each hand holding a brick, with the corner of a outdoor wood deck tiles in tapping the surface of another brick, ringing loud is of high quality ceramic tile, sound dull is inferior ceramic tile.

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