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How to choose bathroom tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-10

  The bathroom can be said to be a very important position in the home decoration, especially the choice of floor tiles. It must be considered from many aspects, and the color must be selected with a coordinated color. So how to choose bathroom tiles?

  1, the density of the floor tiles  First of all, when choosing the floor tiles, the density of the floor tiles should be determined. If the floor tiles have a high density, it will not be easily damaged, and it is easier to clean and clean. Then you can consult a professional when choosing which granite floor tiles has a good density. You can also try it yourself. For example, tap it with your hand. At this time, you can hear whether the sound is crisp. If the sound is clearer, Then it also means that the floor tiles have high density and very good hardness effects. 2. As for the color of the floor tiles, this is determined according to the overall indoor style. The color of the floor tiles is better to match the wall tiles, or you can choose a similar color, and you must not choose a color than the wall tiles. Shallow floor tiles, this will make people feel a top-heavy feeling. 3. The anti-skid property of floor tiles The bathroom floor is more watery, so you must choose the one with better anti-skid property, so as to avoid this kind of thing. We know that there are many types of floor tiles, and the floor tiles with better anti-skid properties have full-body tiles. , Glazed tiles, mosaic tiles, etc. 4. The absorbent toilet of floor tiles can be said to be the most watery place in the home, so when choosing floor tiles, you must choose the kind of very low water absorption. Only such floor tiles can make the floor dry and fresh. If the floor tiles have a lower water absorption rate, It also represents the higher the quality of the floor tiles.  5. Floor tiles specifications    Bathroom floor tiles suggest that you still choose a smaller specification, generally speaking, a size like 300*300mm is fine.  How to choose bathroom tiles is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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