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How to choose a good ceramic tile What is the method to choose a good ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2021-05-27

   Tile is the most important material in the bricklayer stage. Therefore, we must pay attention to it when purchasing. However, in the face of the luxuriant variety of tiles in the store, how should consumers choose? Today I have sorted out how to choose good tiles. Share the relevant content with everyone, I hope it will be helpful to you.

  1. Listen to the sound to distinguish good from bad   Use one hand to separate five fingers, and the other hand to tap the surface of the tiles. The sound produced by good ceramic tiles with high density is crisp and bright; the sound produced by poor ceramic tiles with low density is relatively dull.  2, you won’t be afraid of falling when you fall a good tile.   A good tile will not be damaged after being directly and vertically dropped. This is determined by the strength of the tile. Good tiles have high strength, and poor tiles have low strength and will break when dropped.  3. The weight of the tiles is high. The good tiles have high density, heavy weight, solid weight, uniform thickness, and no corners and other defects. Poor-quality tiles are relatively lighter in weight.  4. Wet tile water absorption experiment   After high temperature firing, good tiles have a low water absorption rate, and the water will not spread on the tiles, indicating that the tiles basically do not absorb water. But for poor tiles, after the water is poured, there will be an obvious water absorption reaction.  5. bearing capacity test   The tile is suspended in the air, and a person stands on the tile. If the tile is basically not damaged or cracked, it indicates that the tile has a very good bearing capacity. Inferior tiles are prone to break or crack and cannot bear heavier weight.  6. u200bu200bAnti-corrosion and wear-resistance test of abrasion    Use a writing pen to leave traces on the tiles, and use ordinary rags to wipe the dirt away without leaving traces, indicating that the tiles have good corrosion resistance. Use an ordinary key to forcefully scratch the surface of the outdoor wood deck tiles, and no scratches are left on the surface, indicating that the outdoor wood deck tiles has strong abrasion resistance. 7. Choose a good base material. The color of the base blank is from beige to beige. If the color of the base material is yellow or black, it means that the product contains too many impurities and is not a good product. .  How to choose a good decking tile is introduced here. If you want to learn more, you can click on the decking tile brand to learn more.

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