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How much does it cost to tiling tiles? The price of tiling tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-05

   Tiles are an indispensable part of decoration. Only when tiles are placed on the floor can they be used with confidence. After tiles are placed in the kitchen and bathroom, they can be waterproof and moisture-proof. Tiles use more materials in decoration and cost a lot. So, how much does it cost to install tiles?

  1, the price of tiles included  If the decorator is to bear labor + accessories + tiles, the cost of tiling tiles will inevitably be higher. The general price is more than 60 yuan, and the cost is determined mainly based on the specific choice of tile specifications, brand and quality in the owner's home. If the quality of the selected tiles is better, the price will be higher. 2. Construction price not including ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are purchased at the owner's home, and only the decoration party is required to provide labor and accessories. The cost of the two parts (cement, river sand) is: 40-48 yuan/between the specific price The cost will fluctuate according to the current labor costs and material costs, and the larger the size and the higher the grade of the decoration company, the higher the cost will inevitably be.  3. The price of tiling    In addition to the price of tiling in the first and second modes, there is another mode that we only find people to do the tiling work. The tiles and accessories are provided by ourselves, and only manual tiling is required. The current average price of tiling labor is: 30-35 yuan/square meter. 4. Price factor (1), labor cost: Don’t think that tiling tiles is simple, it is definitely a technical task, so everyone should not be stingy in terms of labor costs in case there is a problem with the floor tiles soon after completion. It's not worth the loss. Generally speaking, the labor cost for tiling floor tiles is at least 30 yuan per square meter, which is higher in some first-tier cities. In addition, 'How much is one square meter of floor tiles' is also related to the size of the floor tiles you lay. The larger the size, the lower the price, which is an inverse proportion.   (2). Material cost: In addition to the cost of the floor tiles, the material cost includes cement mortar, etc. Commonly used low-priced floor tiles are about 5 to 50 yuan per piece, and a little more expensive are 100 to 300 yuan, and for some larger specifications or special materials, the price is 300 to 1,000 yuan.   The general cost of tiling tiles is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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