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Floor tile inclined shop renderings, ceramic tile is inclined shop is introduced

by:JIABANG     2021-01-21

about the shop is stuck method of decking tile, but adept to skilled worker, a year after the shop is stuck his hands brick he can't remember how many times, in short, this suite has not completed, the owners have begun to row on the table below.

according to many years of construction experience, to master think, for the floor tile of inclined shop or shop is good, is the home decorate a style to be with you, such as your house decorate is ou shi, pastoral style can be inclined shop, other style or shop is good, also compare save materials and artificial cost.

is paved way laying floor tile:

is the method of laying granite floor tiles shop all took the form of parallel to the wall brick, brick seam alignment and leave no seam, at the same time with the color of the brick to tick off seam jointing agent processing, look fresh and clean.

small make up remind: laying floor tile with the method of the shop is commonly, generally we choose more polishing brick, also common in contracted style is decorated in, and with the decking tile of rectangular cross shop shop or vertical, can make the space appears capacious.

laying floor tile with inclined shop method:

inclined shop is the way and the wall into a 45 degree Angle line brick shop is stuck, relatively fee brick work this way. Archaize brick inclined shop when had better leave seam width, seam is between 3 ~ 8 mm, can reflect the feeling of primitive simplicity of the brick. Can choose and close to the color of your brick pointing agent, can also choose to have a contrast of jointing agent processing, outdoor wood deck tiles joints of geometry, make integral effect is more bright and the unification, can bring space stereo sense is very strong.

small make up remind: this method is more suitable for the shop is European and Chinese style style, also apply to contemporary and contracted style, originally square outdoor wood deck tiles on the vision becomes a diamond, not be too inflexible, effect of inclined shop also more atmosphere.

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