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Does diamond tile have radiation?

by:JIABANG     2021-04-28

   In recent years, diamond tiles have gradually come into people’s field of vision and set off a buying frenzy in the market. It is an upgraded version of fully polished glazed ceramic tiles, which constantly introduces the old and improves the various deficiencies, so it is welcomed and loved by consumers. As we all know, natural stone may have a certain radiation effect, so does diamond ceramic tile have radiation? In response to the questions raised by consumers, let's uncover this mystery for everyone.

   1. What is diamond tile?    Diamond tile, also called diamond glaze, is a technical product that has been fired twice, that is, an upgraded version of fully polished glazed tile. It effectively solves the problems of wear resistance and flatness of fully polished outdoor ceramic tile. The use of super spar hard polishing makes the surface of the product smoother and has the hardness and strength like diamond. After the second high temperature calcination, it has resistance Excellent performance such as abrasion, scratch resistance and good texture.  Second, what is the decorative effect of diamond tiles?    The thickness of diamond tiles is between 11-12mm, the surface is transparent and smooth, and its imitation stone effect is very realistic, and the natural and exquisite texture accurately replicates the decorative effect of the stone. The exquisite craftsmanship makes the color of the product very uniform, the color of the surface is smooth and natural, and the pattern is naturally more beautiful. The decoration can have a very bright and atmospheric effect in the interior. The performance of diamond tiles is relatively stable, will not easily absorb stains, and can effectively and continuously maintain brand new and clean. 3. Does diamond ceramic tile have radiation?    1. Diamond decking tile needs to go through strict quality control during the production process. It will go through the quality inspection work of related departments. The report obtained shows that the radioactive content of the product is minimal and there is no radiation. It does not cause harm to the human body. Of course, the purchase must be a regular product, if you buy a substandard product, there may be radiation problems. 2. Many unscrupulous manufacturers reduce production procedures in order to save production costs, while some illegal vendors sell counterfeit and inferior products to consumers for commercial benefits. These unqualified products may have the risk of radiation. Use can cause harm to the body. Therefore, consumers must pay attention when buying to prevent being deceived.  Speaking of which, does diamond ceramic tile have radiation? The answer is no. Only products with poor quality will have an adverse effect, which will affect people's judgment on buying. I hope the above sharing can bring some help to friends in need. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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