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Why is tile glue so popular

by:JIABANG     2021-07-30
Why is tile glue so popular? Friends who are engaged in the ceramic tile industry should all find that tile glue is used more and more frequently, so today I will tell you about this problem. 1. The method of laying tiles with cement is very laborious and costly. First, the water ratio of cement mortar needs to be adjusted. If the tiles are not properly debugged, the effect will be poor, the service life of the tiles will be very short, and the tiles will easily fall off. Nowadays, there is a new material tile glue instead of cement mortar. When the tiles are pasted, The use of tile glue for paving is simple and easy, and the effect of tile glue is good, which can solve a series of problems caused by cement paving. And it will not easily occur the problem of tile hollowing and falling off in cement mortar paving; 2. The decking tile material gradually has the trend of high-density, low-water absorption, large-size ceramic tiles with ceramic tiles and outdoor ceramic tile with high water absorption in the past: The change in the material of this kind of ceramic tiles directly leads to the fact that there is a great need for safer and more cohesive decking tile adhesive materials in the market, and decking tile glue can solve a problem well. It is a single-component or multi-component mixture composed of cementitious materials, mineral aggregates, and organic admixtures. The special formula composition makes it have the rigidity of inorganic minerals and the flexibility of organic polymers. It can be pasted by thin paste construction. Ceramic tiles are widely used on various types of substrates. Secondly, through the correct construction process, tile adhesive can not only be used for ordinary glazed tiles with high water absorption, but also for vitrified tiles with low water absorption. In addition, the three types of tile adhesives are also guaranteed The usage of tile glue is also very large. The tile adhesive is thin and space-saving, and has strong bonding performance, which is equivalent to about three times the adhesive force of cement grout. 1. If the tile area is small, it is recommended to use the No. 1 tile adhesive if the surface is mortar tile; 2. If it is a relatively large area, such as wood or other light floors, because the No. 2 tile adhesive has greater adhesion, it will prevent The falling ability is strong, so it is recommended to use the second tile glue; 3. If you need a variety of different colors of tile glue for decoration or use on fiberboard and gypsum board, the editor recommends using the third tile glue because there are many types of tile glue. Color, such as gray, white, etc.; this tile adhesive has a thin texture, strong adhesion, and uses environmental protection and energy saving. The above is the article brought to you by the editor on why tile adhesive is so popular. I believe you will know more about tile adhesive after reading this article.
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