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Why diamond tiles are more expensive than fully polished glazed tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-04-29

   Is diamond an upgraded version of full polished glaze? Since the upgraded version is not important, the main thing is whether this product can bring users a very good experience and use? From now on, diamond tiles are the same as traditional full polished. Compared with glaze, there are more advantages: flatter appearance, no water ripples (more precisely, less water ripples), higher surface hardness, more wear resistance, very good antifouling performance, more transparent appearance, and appearance brightness Brighter, more beautiful colors, etc.

  Of course, in order to make a breakthrough on the basis of full polished glaze, diamond tiles also invisibly increase the cost in order to achieve the above advantages. This is also the main factor for its high price:   1 In order to improve the surface hardness and wear resistance of diamond, white corundum is added to the glaze formulation, and the amount of glaze increased is 2-2.5 times that of the usual full polished glaze, all of which increase the cost. (In layman's terms, there are more solid crystal particles and less glass in the glaze formula)   2, many things in the world are mutually related. In order to add hardness to diamond tiles, corundum is added to the formula, but the glaze for tiles has a Characteristic: If you add more hard substances to the formula, the glaze will be milky and the glaze will have poor permeability after firing. In order to ensure the transparency of the glaze layer on the outside, diamond tiles improve and whiten the embryonic body. This is also the reason why the embryos of diamond tiles are whiter than full polished glaze. This also adds to its production costs;   3, the thickness of the diamond tile glaze is 2 to 2.5 times that of the usual full polished glaze, which requires higher requirements for the function of the glaze slurry, such as: the glaze slurry is higher than the main, the flow rate is more stable, To be easier to dry and so on. In order to meet the normal and stable technical requirements, the production line that produces full polished glaze usually needs to be added into the auxiliary drying equipment before the kiln. For this reason, the factory has to invest in new equipment, and its output value is relatively low, which is also a factor in the high cost of diamond tiles;    4. In order to reflect the saturation and three-dimensional appearance of diamond tiles, the amount of glaze applied is added during glazing. The amount of glaze is 2~2.5 times that of the usual full polished glaze, and the moisture and impurities are increased. At high temperatures, the exhaust is more difficult than the usual full polished glaze. This also reduces the excellent product rate of the product and invisibly increases the cost;   5 , In order to solve the phenomenon of water ripples in the whole polished glaze, the diamond decking tile adopts the hard abrasive polishing technology to make the surface of the diamond tile basically without water ripples. As a result, higher requirements are also put forward for the polishing of 'diamond' products after they are released from the kiln. Relatively speaking, the rate of high-quality products after polishing is relatively low, which is also a factor of high cost;   diamond tiles are adjusted through data formulations Compared with the technical improvement, compared with the usual fully polished outdoor ceramic tile, the texture is more vivid, the color is more beautiful, the glaze is more transparent, the product itself is very flat, more wear-resistant, more stain-proof, and the decoration effect does exceed the usual full Polished glazed tiles, although the price is relatively high, but also provides a new choice for users seeking a quality of life.

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