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Which one is better, square tiles or rectangular tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-07-16
Which one is better, square tiles or rectangular tiles? The shape of tiles is divided into square and rectangular, so many people think they look good when they choose, and they don't know how to choose. So today the editor will tell you about this issue. First of all, which one is good for square tiles or rectangular tiles? The key is to see where you want to paste the tiles, what kind of space you want to paste the tiles, and your personal decoration hobbies. The tiles for the bedroom, living room or kitchen should be based on their respective The overall style can be selected in the shape and color of the tiles. Secondly, it is better to choose rectangular tiles or square tiles. You need to choose according to the shape of your room, and at the same time, calculate which one is suitable and save money. For example, if the living room is tiled, the shape of the tiles should be selected according to the space size of the living room. If the living room is rectangular, rectangular tiles must be selected first, because the size of the practical aspect ratio can make the living room more atmospheric, with more feeling and effect. On the contrary, if it is a square living room space, the corresponding square tiles are matched. One more thing to note, if the living room has rectangular tiles or square tiles, and the extra area exceeds about 5 square meters, it can be used as a small study or children's room. Anyway, it is quite useful to use an invisible door as a storage. The room is also a good choice. The above is the article about which square tile or rectangular tile is more beautiful. In general, it depends on the overall decoration style and personal preference of the home. No one is better.
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