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Which is better for polished glazed tile or microcrystalline stone?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-18

   As a home furnishing material, ceramic tiles are used frequently, and the environmental protection of ceramic tiles has been paid more and more attention. As the main material for kitchen and bathroom decoration, consumers must pay attention to the environmental protection of ceramic tiles when buying ceramic tiles. There are fully polished outdoor ceramic tile and microcrystalline stones on the market, so which one is better?

  The full polished glaze is composed of ceramic bricks and a very thin surface glaze. The texture is printed by 3D inkjet, so the pattern of the outdoor wood deck tiles surface is very diverse; and the surface crystal of the microcrystalline stone Uniformity, clear texture, jade-like feeling, unique high gloss, crystal clear visual effect of glass.  Because of the difference in production process, there is a certain difference in thickness between fully polished glaze and microcrystalline stone. Take the size of 800*800 as an example. Generally speaking, the common thickness of fully polished glaze is about 10mm, and the common thickness of microcrystalline stone is about 13-18mm.   The surface of the microcrystalline stone is smooth and delicate, and the gloss is very high. The paved effect has a magnificent visual effect, but the glass properties are more wear-resistant and more stain-proof compared with the fully polished glaze layer.  Which is better for fully polished outdoor ceramic tile and microcrystalline stones? If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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