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What should be paid attention to ceramic tile shop sticks

by:JIABANG     2020-12-07

ceramic tile in the whole household decorates is a very important role, in general, household decorates sitting room, kitchen, toilet is to use ceramic tile, although we are all familiar with ceramic tile, but the points for attention in installation, believe a lot of people are not clear. Installation need to be aware of matters a lot. Next, let's look at the shop sticks ceramic tile should pay attention to?

1, pay attention to the shop is stuck is close-grained degree if ceramic tile not bubble water will take the moisture in cement mortar, reduce its strength, causes and metope ceramic tile of adhesion, time is long prone to empty drum ceramic tile and fall off. The shop is stuck, pay attention to ceramic tile aperture and cement mortar close-grained degree to reach a certain standard. The empty drum ceramic tile rate below 5% of the whole wall tile is normal. Notice to choose quality when buy ceramic tile, this is the premise of ensuring quality of ceramic tile shop sticks. Because in the process of construction, construction personnel may put forward metope flatness error is bigger, need to take some measures to separate filling-in, if need to increase the cost of some scattered, consumer good support as much as possible and depending on the situation. 2, to grasp the so-called ceramic tile ceramic tile draft time draft is to advance the ceramic tile in the clear water soak for a period of time, generally at 2 PM, the actual operation can be based on the dense degree of ceramic tile particular case is particular analysis. Before shop sticks ceramic tile, also notice ceramic tile to flooding is sufficient, so much that the ceramic tile to eat sufficient moisture, this is to avoid empty drum ceramic tile, and lost. The traditional decking tile shop sticks method is the use of cement mortar in the shop is stuck. Firstly, ratio of cement mortar is reasonable, is between the volume ratio of 1:1. If in this case, the ceramic tile is still empty drum is more, in addition to the workers in the shop is stuck in the process of the technical level is not high, the main reason is the early stage of the ceramic tile draft was not enough. 3, 1 when ceramic tile after the shop is stuck, should be timely will stay in tile cement, caulking agent or other wipe clean, sticky dirty object as caulking agent attached four after is difficult to clean. After 12 when the shop is stuck, should knock outdoor wood deck tiles surface inspection, if discover free drums shall be laid again. shop is stuck when finish 24 rear can walk, wash thoroughly, mixed with water cleaner, clean ceramic tile clean thoroughly. Through the introduction of the article, above all for ceramic tile shop sticks should pay attention to? Should be aware. Installation of ceramic tile is a lot of problems need to pay attention to, not only take into account the size of the gap between consider to install method. Small make up remind everybody, ceramic tile is installed please professional installation, so that decorate the visual effect will be better.

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