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What's so good about wooden floors and tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-08

  When decorating at home, I always choose to ask the same question, that is, whether you want to use wooden flooring or ceramic tiles. What are the advantages of these two? These are all problems, so what are the advantages of wooden flooring and ceramic tiles?

  1. Take care of the reasons given by many consumers for choosing ceramic tiles. One of the reasons given by consumers is that ceramic tiles are easy to take care of. Even if there is dirt on it, it is easy to remove. In fact, it is the same for laminate flooring. Like the previous solid wood floors, the maintenance is exquisite. Therefore, now I am no longer afraid of damaging the wood floor or the surface of the wood floor because there are frequent guests in the living room. 2. Safety When it comes to wooden floors, it is necessary to mention the safety of wooden floors. In the past, the problem of formaldehyde in wooden floors has always been one of the issues we are concerned about when buying wooden floors, because it is directly related to our health. For this reason, many families gave up buying wooden floors and should buy ceramic tiles. However, now everyone knows more about this issue, and many departments are paying more and more attention, so better businesses dare not care about it. Many brands of wood flooring can still meet relatively high requirements in terms of environmental protection. of. As for ceramic tiles, although there is no problem of formaldehyde, it is actually not completely harmless. Many people will mention that inferior ceramic tiles are actually a hidden danger when they purchase ceramic tiles. Therefore, from the comparison between wood flooring and ceramic tiles in the current market, as long as the quality can be checked when purchasing, whether it is tile or wood flooring, a certain degree of safety can be guaranteed. 3. Price First of all, from the price point of view, in fact, the price difference between wood flooring and ceramic tiles is not as big as before, or even basically the same. Of course, this is mainly due to the emergence of laminate wood flooring. In the past, many wood flooring was mainly solid wood. Flooring is expensive, and ceramic tiles have become popular because of other reasons, but now, the advent of laminate wood flooring has greatly reduced the price of wood flooring. Therefore, people have begun to reconsider using wood flooring in the living room.   wood flooring and ceramic tiles are introduced here, if you want to know more, you can click on the decoration knowledge to learn more.

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