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What is the precautions for ceramic tile of choose and buy?

by:JIABANG     2020-12-14

ceramic tile is to make a great addition to our house clean, bright, good ceramic tile not only make room yi yi is unripe brightness, and which have many advantages such as easy to clean. of choose and buy is, however, to many decorate owner headache, not the owner of knew what was happening in the ceramic tile of choose and buy often confused. So, what are the precautions for ceramic tile of choose and buy?

a ceramic tile, ceramic tile size is the first point of going to the size of the ceramic tile of choose and buy, what didn't master data is certainly not going to rush to buy ceramic tile. In general, and decorate a company to have cooperation, or decorating a decking tile size by decorate give several options. Generally less than 10 square meters, who, the size of the kitchen, Yang in 300 mmx300mm is better; If it is about 20 square meters living room or bedroom, can choose 500 mmx500mm or 600 mmx600mm; The sitting room more, can choose 800 mmx800mm. Must not optional estimate purchase, to ensure that the decking tile can be covered. Second, the quality of ceramic tile ceramic tile of choose and buy, one of the most important problem is the quality of ceramic tile. 1) From the bibulous rate: a generally good quality ceramic tile is bibulous rate is low, the glaze cracking resistance is good. Testing method is after ceramic tile drop a drop of water, water imbibition slower is better. 2) From: hardness on the surface of ceramic tile whether level off, have uneven thickness of the pinhole. Inspection method is to knock sound, if the sound crisp, good hardness and high density of ceramic tile. 3) From a technical instructions: check all aspects of the ceramic tile of technical indicators. See the stand or fall of each performance. 4) See if mark up to the standard of green health, avoid buying 3 without the product. Three, ceramic tile ceramic tile color there is a slight color difference is normal, the ceramic tile of different batch there is a certain color difference is understandable. Best buy when buying ceramic tile, the batch in order to reduce the color difference is too big. At the same time to carefully check the color number on the product packing, look to whether and ceramic tile. Four, ceramic tile brand buy may not necessarily want to buy famous brand ceramic tile ceramic tile, but relatively speaking, the ceramic tile of brand quality is guaranteed, perfect after-sales service is compared commonly. On the basis of ceramic tile decoration materials, is very trouble to change, social phenomena, so change is very jealous. Sta, buy brands of decking tile do not need to worry about. Above is the ceramic tile of choose and buy matters needing attention, decorate owner must polish eyes of choose and buy. , of course, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile problem can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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