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What is the difference between the tiles and the floor

by:JIABANG     2020-08-20

when decorate we have to put some thought on the ground, to choose the floor or tile we all don't know, so what is the difference between tiles and the floor?

1, the use of performance

floor performance: with natural wood texture, soft heat, hot summer and cold winter, comfort is strong; The floor more used to the bedroom, study, sitting room; , compared to the stability and moisture resistance of the floor is not enough. performance: has the very good abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, not easy deformation and easy to clean.

2, environmental performance,

floor is mainly divided into three categories: real wood floor, solid mu fu joins a floor board ( Aggrandizement floor) With the compound floor. Environmental protection is better in implementing the three wood floor, followed by solid mu fu joins a floor board. Having a natural radioactive granite floor tiles environmental: floor tile, there is some damage to human body, but in recent years, most of the floor tile is up to the national health standards for qualified range.

3, material price

: floor price is higher than floor tile.

the floor of the raw materials are scarce, but the granite floor tiles is artificial burn becomes.

4, use and maintenance

floor maintenance, floor wax and maintenance regularly, subject to single chip to replace. maintenance: maintenance, but easy to produce black seam, scratched, bad to change all.

what is the difference between outdoor ceramic tile and floor is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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