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What are the types of decoration tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-06

   The most common thing in decoration is ceramic tiles, which is what we often say. There are many types of ceramic tiles, so we need to understand the classification of household tiles. The quality and purpose of tiles of different materials are different. When buying tiles, we must distinguish the attributes of floor tiles, so that tiles can play its role in the correct environment. So what are the types of decoration tiles?

  1, glazed tiles

  are made by adding glaze on the basis of whole-body tiles. Because of the different glazing materials, they can be divided into two types. They are fired with clay The one made of porcelain is called pottery body, the back of the brick body is red, and the one made of porcelain clay is called porcelain body, and the back of the outdoor wood deck tiles body is off-white. The patterns of glazed tiles are rich and varied, and compared to full-body tiles and polished tiles, glazed tiles have better anti-slip performance and strong stain resistance. However, glazed tiles are not wear-resistant, and their gloss is inferior to polished tiles. When firing glazed tiles, using different glazes and colors, you can also make antique tiles.

 2, polished tiles

   generally, the surface of the floor tiles fired from the kiln is very rough, that is, the whole body tiles introduced above are passed on the basis of the whole body tiles. After polishing, it becomes a polished tile, so the polished tile can be understood as a high-gloss full-body tile. Compared with full-body tiles, polished tiles have much smoother performance, so the slip resistance is relatively weak. In addition, most polished tiles have a single color and are easy to get dirty, so they are not suitable for places with high moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms.

 3. Porcelain tiles (full-body tiles)

   Porcelain tiles are the most common type of floor tiles. Many types of floor tiles are processed on the basis of porcelain tiles. Come. Generally speaking, porcelain tiles refer to floor tiles with a water absorption rate of less than or equal to 0.5%. The material and color of the front and back of this granite floor tiles are the same, and the surface will not be glazed or polished. Because the surface is relatively rough, the slip resistance and abrasion resistance are better, and you can directly use detergent and metal wire to scrub when cleaning, which is convenient for maintenance. However, porcelain tiles have a big disadvantage. Because the pores of the brick body are exposed, it is easy to absorb dirt and scratches. Long-term use will cause the dirt to stay inside and cannot be removed.

4. Polished crystal bricks

 Polished crystal bricks are also a kind of household floor tiles. To know what material is used for household floor tiles, polished crystal tiles are indispensable, because the production process is more complicated. Therefore, the price is more expensive, and it is less used in general households. Polished crystal tiles are actually developed on the basis of glazed tiles. On the basis of glazed tiles, they are glazed and fired multiple times to increase the color of the glazed tiles. The layering effect can be produced according to the process and the three-dimensional effect can be enhanced. The texture mountain is better than polished glazed tiles, and it is more gorgeous in appearance.

  5. Polished glazed tiles

   Polished glazed tiles combine the advantages of polished tiles and glazed tiles. The difference from glazed tiles is that they have both glazing and polishing on the last glaze. . The polished glazed tiles are smooth and rich in color, but the disadvantage is that they are too smooth and the anti-slip performance is relatively weak, which increases the safety hazards of the home.  

The types of decoration tiles are introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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