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What are the ceramic tile species

by:JIABANG     2020-07-30

there are a lot of construction industry on the market, in order to highlight their own advantages, many ceramic tile species was born, at present, there are many types of ceramic tile on the market, a lot of people do not know much about ceramic tile is divided into which categories, so ceramic tile is identified what kind?


microlite is actually made the above a layer of microcrystalline and adobes under calcination combining a new, green, environmental protection material, is currently the most luxury market, the price is the most expensive category. It is the main advantage of the surface is very light, the color is very bright, soil resistance is strong, but its abrasion resistance is poorer, post processing, maintenance is difficult, is not suitable for later complex processing, so not suitable for large area in outdoor place.


ceramics generally refers to the surface of glaze wall with a thin layer of patches, it is both one of the most obvious difference compared to the ceramic tile have different degree of thickness, ceramics thin. Ceramics surface is smooth, color is rich, bibulous rate is high, generally suitable for hutch defends a space to decorate. Because bibulous rate is relatively high, coupled with its entire glaze thinner, so physical properties than ceramic tile is less, now many factories in decoration luxury villas, luxury house are basically without the use of ceramics.

microlite polishing outdoor wood deck tiles

polishing brick raw material by high temperature calcination of computer cloth into adobe, then on the surface of the tile body through grinding, polishing processing of a polished tile. Its wear resistance, smoothness, strength, corrosion resistance, folding resistance, bibulous rate is better than other physical properties such as the category of ceramic tile, suitable for application in most places, family is the highest category in the whole market share at present. Its main advantage is light, wear-resisting, anti-fouling, strength is good, can do all kinds of complicated shape, because it is powder pipe material, so it is rich in color and design and color is not so bright glazed tile.

archaize brick

archaize brick from abroad CaiYouZhuan evolved, is essentially glazed porcelain tiles. The so-called antique, refers to the effect of the outdoor wood deck tiles, should call effect of archaize outdoor ceramic tile. With classic unique charm attracts the attention of the people, to reflect the years vicissitudes of life, historical massiness, archaize brick by style, color, design, build a unique flavor. Its main advantage is more colorful, usually bring embossed, skid resistance is better, relatively poor brightness, abrasion resistance and soil resistance.

all glazed ceramic tile

all glazed ceramic is a kind of can in the polishing process of glaze in a special glaze formula, it is in a final glaze, archaize brick generally are now a transparent surface convex flower glaze glaze or transparent. Applied throughout the entire glazed ceramic glazed outdoor ceramic tile polishing brick and advantages of archaize outdoor wood deck tiles, glazed smooth as polished tile brightening, at the same time its glaze like archaize brick pattern of design and color is rich, thick or gorgeous colours. As a kind of the new production process, fully glazed ceramic both in material, equipment and technology level, is not so perfect, shortcomings such as wear, pollution, grinning.

what are the ceramic tile species is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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