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Shop sticks ceramic tile of TV wall?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-12

it is reported that a lot of owner are in favor of ceramic tile when make TV wall, not only because they are very delicate, beautiful, but also is simple to operate, construction is convenient wait for a characteristic, so the recognition and welcome by users. So how TV wall outdoor ceramic tile shop sticks? TV wall ceramic tile shop sticks to pay attention to what? Just follow below small make up together and see it!

how TV wall ceramic tile shop sticks:

1, the ceramic tile shop sticks - TV wall - - Wet stick method

wet stick method is one of the most common method of the shop is stuck, before is a wall on steel mesh piece, again into the old technology of filling cement mortar fixed. This method is easy to cause pollution metope, empty drum, fall off wait for a phenomenon.

2, ceramic tile shop sticks - TV wall - - Dry stick method

dry paste method is the use of dry powder and binder as raw materials, then use cement mortar to metope smooth, break the flat ceramic tile on the shop. This method can effectively avoid the phenomenon such as empty drum.

3, ceramic tile shop sticks - TV wall - - Hang wet method

this method is simpler, metope outdoor wood deck tiles first use of the joint of the two methods are fixed, such as good again after filling into cement mortar, form a paste.

4, ceramic tile shop sticks - TV wall - - Dry hanging method

dry hanging method does not need to use mortar in the shop is stuck, as long as the ceramic tile with metal pendant directly on the metal frame. The shop is stuck method not only can prevent fall off, the phenomenon such as empty drum, but also convenient for construction, have the effect of the time.

TV wall ceramic tile shop sticks to note:

1, open the packing, should pay attention to when move, do not scratch other ceramic tile.

2, out of the product before and after to stand, not flat.

3, in a move to avoid friction between outdoor ceramic tile.

4, tear protective film, to 4 side protective film first, and then from side slowly tear protective film, do not force or pressure.

5, before installation shall not tear protective film.

6, when tap on a product to cushion a plank on ceramic tile, do not knock outdoor wood deck tiles surface directly.

7, before the shop is stuck metope to leveling, then the clearing by brick bottom number pieced together the pattern.

8, immediately after the paste not tear protective film, it will be clean after the completion of the tear protective film again

9, to check before the shop is stuck metope adhesive solid degree, if not up to requirements, to degrade reinforcement.

10, in order to avoid scratching the surface design, product to be glue on the back of the product when positive on paper or soft cloth.

the article summary: how TV wall outdoor wood deck tiles and tile TV wall ceramic tile shop is stuck points for attention of related knowledge is introduced here, have a friend need to know more information, please continue to focus on this web site.

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