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Main points of ceramic tile cabinet construction

by:JIABANG     2021-05-26
1. The selection of ceramic tiles for kitchen cabinets. The tiles that can be used to make tile cabinets are very particular. For example, the specifications are thicker than ordinary tiles; in terms of design, sufficient preparations should be made before production, and the tiles for corners, internal corners, external corners, and color jumps should be matched well, otherwise, the effect will not be produced. . In the kitchen cabinets of this material, hand-painted tiles often play a finishing touch. If you feel that the all-in-one antique tiles are monotonous, you can use hand-painted tiles or tiles with jumping colors to make some jumping patterns in other parts. Tap to activate the entire space. 2. The space of decking tile kitchen cabinetsThe ceramic tile kitchen cabinets are very picky about the owner's taste, the height of the house, and the size of the kitchen space. If the floor height is below 2.7 meters and the kitchen area is less than 7 square meters, it is not suitable to install this Kind of kitchen cabinets. Therefore, the overall kitchen cabinet with tile veneer is more common in the western-style kitchen in the villa residence. Considering that the tiles are glued directly to the wooden frame, they may not stick firmly, so the cement mortar is often used to directly build a frame, and then the tiles are attached. If you are making a kitchen cabinet, you can first apply cement mortar on the surface to enhance the adhesion of the tiles, and then stick the tiles on it. Of course, pay attention to the whole process, and the tiles must be glued firmly. 3. The construction of decking tile kitchen cabinets. kitchen cabinets cannot be like other kitchen cabinets. It only needs to be assembled and installed on site according to the owner's choice of cabinet parts. Instead, it needs to be mixed with mud and sand, and on-site construction can be done. It is a great test for the construction skills of the workers. No matter how beautiful the design is, the quality is not enough. In the process, the kitchen cabinet designer should also check the construction schedule of the workers on-site. For example, in villas, there are usually three to five joints left; the gaps between bricks and bricks are hooked with coarse sand, so that they can show a natural feeling, and the style can be unified and so on. After reading the above article, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the construction steps of the kitchen cabinet tile cabinet and the key points of the kitchen cabinet tile cabinet construction. I hope our introduction can be helpful to you.
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