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King kong glazed tile is better than ordinary full glazed ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-03-30
< / p> < p> kong glaze is one of the upgrades for all glazed ceramic products, the primary difference between them lies in its material aspects: < / p> < p> hardness increase < / p> < p> kong glaze tile with r&d kong particle mixing technique, the glaze can form the similar molecular structure of C60 diamond, can improve the product performance indicators, and hardness increase by 38%, achieving high wear-resisting kong quality, very good solution to defects such as glazed ceramic tile not wear-resisting, easily scratching. < / p> < p> roughness improve < / p> < p> kong glazed tile glaze usage is 2 common glazed outdoor ceramic tile. 25 accompany, fundamentally solves the normal glazed outdoor ceramic tile glaze water ripple problems, to achieve better visual mirror effect. < / p> < p> fully feels strong < / p> < p> kong glaze in the process of high temperature, no pore vitrified brick surface can form the surface, glaze higher brightness, can be comparable to the micro crystal. Texture performance < / p> < p> < / p> < p> kong glaze tile basic from rare natural stone material surface texture samples selected, using image restoration techniques, reducing the world rare marble texture color, texture and nature level is more exquisite. < / p> < p> thickness < / p> < p> kong glair brick thickness than normal glazed ceramic brick, increased by 1. 5 mm; Raise the whole brick brick thickness increased to 12 mm, hardness. < / p> < p> whiteness boost < / p> < p> king kong was a little white than general glazed outdoor ceramic tile glaze brick, fewer impurities, more dense solid brick. < / p> < p> < / p>
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