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Introduction of wall tile process

by:JIABANG     2021-05-05

The paving of wall tiles generally starts from the outside corner or the side of the door and window, and proceeds from bottom to top, from left to right. The wall tile process generally includes three aspects:

   1. There are many tiny voids inside the water-soaked tile, which has a certain degree of water absorption. If you do not soak or soak the water directly, the tiles will absorb the moisture of the cement, causing gaps in the connecting part of the tiles and the cement, and the bonding is not strong, which will cause hollowing and falling off of the tiles. Ceramic tiles with a water absorption rate> 10% are the most commonly used ceramic tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. This type of tiles must be soaked in water before being laid. The water absorption rate of the floor tiles is below 0.5%, so there is no need to soak in water before laying.

   Tile soaking in water: Completely soak in clean water, usually for more than 30 minutes. The specific time is based on the time the tiles are soaked in water without bubbles. Tiles soaked in water cannot be sold again, and merchants do not accept returns. Therefore, we must ask the workers to calculate the quantity and then soak in water, so as to avoid waste.

   The wall surface should be inspected and cleaned before tiling. If the wall is cracked, it must be treated first. When laying bricks, the construction team often scrapes putty on the wall. If the putty is not shoveled off, the bricks will be applied directly. The potential safety hazard is very great. The cement is so strong that the cement cannot be hung on the putty, which will easily cause the tiles to fall off. This is also an important part of the wall tile process.

  2, pre-laying

   pre-lay the tiles before paving. If you wait for a certain level of paving, it turns out that the effect of tile arrangement is not good and the proportions are not coordinated. If you remove it and re-pave it, it will cause unnecessary loss and waste.

  Adhesive is the correct choice of cement label and the mixing ratio of cement sand. The improper mixing ratio of cement and sand or the excessively high cement mark will cause the tiles to crack. The proportion of cement is large, the bonding force of the tiles is strong, and the bricks can be fastened fast, but the mixing ratio of cement is high, and the expansion coefficient of cement mortar is large. It is easy to squeeze the bricks after paving. The recommended ratio is 1:3 for wall tiles, 1:2 for floor tiles, and cement number 32.5 cement.

  3. Clean

   The last step of the wall tile process, when laying tiles, the excess bonding material in the tile joints should be wiped clean in time, and wet cotton cloth should be used Wipe off the stains on the tiles. Don't wait until the bonding material is dry and then wipe and clean. Not only can it not be cleaned, but if it is scraped off with a hard object, it will damage the glaze layer. After the bonding material is solidified, the joints can be brushed with white cement, gypsum mortar or color paste, and the mortar can be wiped and filled with cotton yarn.

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