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Ceramic tile wave guide line how to pack

by:JIABANG     2020-08-13

when doing the interior design, we often hear some don't understand the terms, if you don't have relevant knowledge of ceramic tile decoration is difficult to understand, for example, some decorate teacher will ask you walk not to walk waveguide line ceramic tile, zha a listen to don't know in what to say, so this small make up to a simple science outdoor ceramic tile waveguide line, hope you are interested in.

the first thing you want to know what is ceramic tile waveguide line, the transmission line, also called wave line, the ground spreads as material, mainly used in the ground around or aisle porch place such as decorative. Transmission line is a kind of ceramic tile products, mainly gold-plated and microcrystalline plane two kinds, general darker color, it will have more complex pattern design. Is usually installed in the sitting room or lobby on the ground, also can be installed in the background on the wall.

so, generally speaking what is good for you to pack the ceramic tile of waveguide line? In fact in great fortunes around inside!

the first thing you want to know, if your sitting room area is relatively small, it is absolutely not recommended tile waveguide line. Because the transmission line is in commonly 800 x800 circle of ceramic tile edge to edge, small house use waveguide line will be preempted focus, don't appear indoor ground more crowded.

of course, if your sitting room is very big, also can not go waveguide line. Can take place in the middle doing a simple geometric spelling a flower or two transmission line, make the sitting room on the feeling of the space space, look have administrative levels feeling.

in outdoor ceramic tile transmission line, and considering your whole decorates the effect. If the proportion in the sitting room sofa and TV ark cover an area of more than a third, walk waveguide line is not recommended, or put on tea table will also be covered.

isn't learned a new skill? Is indoor should go ceramic tile above the entire content of the transmission line, this paper if you feel you have a lot of help welcome share collection! Finally thank you for watching!

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