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Ceramic tile stick method have?

by:JIABANG     2020-12-19

when it comes to decorate, a lot of people can think of a pile of work to be done, from indoor items purchased to shop sticks ceramic tile, is a big project, and the most let a person feel trouble is ceramic tile shop is stuck, because from the point of decorating allocation proportion of funds, this piece of ceramic tile is very big, if you also have ceramic tile stick method actually can save a lot of money, this small make up to make a brief introduction of formal method of ceramic tile stick! ( stick method)

1。 First is ready to kung fu, thought that this kind of material is more special decking tile, so before sticks ceramic tile ceramic tile to be soaked in water for 2 hours or so. While immersed in order to make ceramic tile can absorb the moisture in advance, so as to avoid after the shop is stuck sucked moisture in the bonding material, which affect the strength of the adhesive, or lead to adhesive material shrinkage caused by too much empty drum, debonding, and so on and so forth. Flooding postscript to use cotton cloth to wipe the surface of the water can only be carried out after the shop is stuck to dry.

2。 is not Posting, if the wrong place will be very trouble, so should also be hanging vertical before the shop is stuck, to determine the size of the ceramic tile lines, so that when the shop is stuck to surface level off, and can achieve the ceramic tile horizontal even vertical, this post effect is good.

3。 Done after the above steps in fact isn't steady, set the wood plate, should be based on a horizontal line, and then set the wooden plate of ceramic tile supporting role. The purpose is to prevent the ceramic tile in the bonding material not hardening and build strength drop or shift before may.

4。 After these steps are carried out to confirm the above, it is good for you to start formal tiles. But order or some, generally start from doors and Windows, and according to the bottom-up, from left to right order. Shop is stuck is first water wetting leveling layer, then mixed in advance with a shovel bonding material on the back of ceramic tile, ceramic tile to stick on the wall again. Application of ash rubber hammer to tap, of course, make the bonding material can full the space between the ceramic tile with metope, in turn, the shop is stuck is flat and level.

all in all, there are a lot of ceramic tile stick method, but the order must not casually, if because of the reason of their negligence missed some of the above steps will be awkward, will pay more attention to! Finally thank you for watching! The next issue we goodbye! ( stick method)

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