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Ceramic tile shop sticks to bubble water before

by:JIABANG     2020-12-09

bubble water is decking tile ceramic tile is an important step before the shop is stuck, many knowledge of bubble water this aspect is not particularly understand, introduce below small make up on ceramic tile shop sticks to bubble water before?

a, ceramic tile shop sticks before why bubble water first? Some of the ceramic tile on the market is need to bubble water first before use, this is because the bubble water absorb the ingredient in cement mortar can avoid ceramic tile, empty drum, fall off phenomenon, especially the ceramic tile of metope outdoor wood deck tiles, bubble water is an indispensable step, in addition, the experienced teacher decorate also metope sprinkle some water first, it is for this reason. Just buy ceramic tile, there are more or less a certain gap, and we will in advance bubble water ceramic tile, ceramic tile can fully absorb moisture, absorption, gap has reached saturation, after the shop is stuck, will not be in the absorption of cement mortar. Second, all the ceramic tile need bubble water? We have mentioned above, some of the ceramic tile in the shop is stuck is to bubble water treatment before, that is to say, is not need all the ceramic tile of bubble water. So what are the ceramic tile to bubble water? Generally speaking, we can according to the water absorption of ceramic tile to decide, if bibulous rate is lower than 0. 5%, the steps can be omitted after bubble water, if it is higher than the value, you must want to bubble water. For example our kitchen glazed wall brick and granite floor tiles, bibulous rate is 10% or more commonly, you must first after bubble water processing. Three, how to tile the method of bubble water is correct? Since it is bubble water, of course, ceramic tile to the whole immersed into water, in general, we need to prepare a big basin, and then immerse in which place of decking tile. Some irresponsible construction group often sprinkling water on the ceramic tile, effect nature is inferior to soak, and understands the owner will be active told decorate worker ready for big basin. Four, decking tile bubble water is the ideal time how long? In fact, so the material of ceramic tile is different, bibulous rate is different, therefore, does not have a unified standard in the industry, but in a very short time how much there is no standard, but at the end of the need to reach the effect is the same, in general, the ceramic tile in the basin have no bubbles, then it & other Drink a full & throughout; You can take out to normal use. shop sticks to bubble water before it is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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