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Ceramic tile series

by:JIABANG     2020-12-21

when decorate, is must to use ceramic tile, but ceramic tile series, which kind of decorate decking tile is suitable for our use? This small make up to simple about decorating when buying ceramic tile of a few small tips, hope can help to you! ( series)

1。 Polishing brick

the levelness of the polishing outdoor wood deck tiles in whole and integrity are very good, and no radioactive elements, minerals, natural stone, without high temperature sintering, it contains individual traces of radioactive elements, contact for a long time will be harmful to human body; Polishing brick will not cause harm to human body; Basic controlled colorless difference: natural stone material, due to the time of rock, rock depth different color difference is bigger, polishing brick, pesto with batch of product design and color is consistent, basic no chromatic aberration; Resistance to bending strength: natural stone material due to natural, timber, weathering, etc is not the same time, leading to close degree, different intensity; Polishing brick by thousands of tons of hydraulic press pressing, then through above 1200 ℃ high temperature sintering, high strength

2. Body brick

the so-called body brick is through the rock debris after high-pressure suppression to burn becomes a kind of ceramic tile series, after polishing surface stiffness can be compared with the stone material, bibulous rate is lower and wearability. The surface of the body brick not glaze, and the positive and negative material and colour and lustre is consistent, hence the name. Although there are still ooze to spend body brick and other varieties, but relatively speaking, its design and color is not glazed pottery. Most of the prevent slippery brick all belong to the brick. Cost-effective, stain resistant, easy cleaning these are all its advantages, many families decorate so deep like!

3。 Glazed tile

glazed pottery is fired outdoor wood deck tiles after glazing on the surface of high temperature and high pressure processing of decking tile, the tile is made from the soil on the surface of the embryo and glaze consisting of two parts, the main body and clay and China clay, clay fired red, on the back of the back of the porcelain clay fire are pale. Can do all sorts of design and decorative pattern, glazed tile surface than polishing brick colour and design is rich, so a lot of families are decorating the sitting room or is the time to master room can choose this kind of ceramic tile, although more expensive but its real value.

this is the current some related contents about the ceramic tile series is introduced, after the good want to buy what kind of ceramic tile should go to the local agent about the price, so, finally want to know more related content welcome to continue to focus on website! Thank you for your watch! ( series)

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