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Ceramic tile seam beauty do?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-03

if decorate the person all know, the beauty of ceramic tile seam is a basic operation in the stick after outdoor wood deck tiles, if not do this step to the overall effect is not so perfect, this beautiful small make up to simple about this outdoor ceramic tile seam of some of the basic operation, the hope can help to you!

ceramic tile seam beauty step

1. Must first choose a oneself to like the beauty of the color of the seam an agent, general according to his be fond of, because this color with your color was a bit out of ceramic tile, so use cookies to choose or better.

2。 Chosen color then you can start to work, first in the beauty of ceramic tile seam an agent bottle poke a hole, and then twist on the discharging mouth, then discharging mouth with a wallpaper knife cut into a 45 degree Angle, ceramic tile seam is less than 2 mm, the front end of the discharging mouth with wallpaper knife cut out the slope Angle; seam is greater than 2 mm, to pare off a slightly more; Discharging mouth mouth width should be less than seam width, in order to make sure no material overflow;

3。 Then there is the big job:

( 1) Play after clean up the scene, and then use wallpaper knife in ceramic tile seam and on both sides of the filler is clean, the ground is not allowed to have a floating dust;

( 2) Sew sponge in water rapidly wipe the ceramic tile, make sure no dust, with a glue gun material evenly in brick joints, about 1 meter, plug the discharging mouth;

( 3) With silica gel plate will scrape to evenness immediately, on both sides of the outdoor wood deck tiles seam overflow a small amount of material, with a slightly damp sponge wiped, brush a few times more, often should rinse the sponge;

( 4) Such an area from start playing again after you again the second time, to ensure construction quality.

4。 Work success is also more complex, the first is to level off, then there can be no bubbles, there can be little hole, the bricks are not allowed to have more material overflow, leave before the ground clean like new.

5。 To better perfect words can use textured paper stick on the edge of the outdoor wood deck tiles joints, and then with a glue gun, use after leveling, material such as dry, after repair can be uncovered crepe paper.

this work looks more complex, if not a lot of confidence to oneself, suggest or find a professional person to help, want to know more related content welcome to continue to pay attention to our website!

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