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Ceramic tile is how to calculate square meter

by:JIABANG     2021-01-03

we all know what to buy things to have a budget, after all, this thing is your wallet bear, it is ceramic tile also should make ready to buy, so we when buying ceramic tile or good decking tile of smooth rice is good for you to some relevant numerical laid hands on him, but in general the ceramic tile on the number of square meter is how to calculate? Here is a simple science! ( square meters)

1。 Online there are many kinds of algorithms, small make up a simple summarize, ceramic tile can screen according to the calculation formula of length: the total number of bricks piece = total length & divide; Crural line, line, line the total length of the waist to calculate

2. In addition to the above this way, can also according to the area calculation formula: the total number of bricks piece (= shop sticks decking tile area ㎡) ÷ ( Monolithic ceramic tile & long times; Monolithic ceramic tile wide) To calculate the number of ceramic tile you want to buy.

3。 There is a way of measuring the size is measured: kitchen toilet ( Length, width and height size and door window width and height size) Needs to stick wall outdoor wood deck tiles, no other place you just need to measure the length, width size ( Such as bedroom and living room) 。 ( Note: measuring height when the kitchen toilet, need to measure the upper pipe lowest position and the distance of the ground water value)

4。 So if you want to calculate the waist line on the number of pieces do? First please designer or post lumbar line outdoor wood deck tiles workers measurement should be the total length, calculation is: the need to the total number of pieces of length (= waist line m) ÷ The length of the single chip waist line ( m) , this value can be generally take care when ordering waist line way according to the calculation, if there is a decimal behind, generally adopt the into an integer.

the ceramic tile of these basic arithmetic or want to know how much is better, so that when buying ceramic tile not only can buy or is it took more than necessary, only ready enough can be more danger, finally thank you for watching! The next issue we goodbye! ( square meters)

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