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Ceramic tile is bibulous rate is lower, the better?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-09
Choose ceramic tile, some superficial, only do a simple level of appearance, just good, while others will be more in-depth to explore and understand, after the comparison, finally choosing the optimum solution! But not everyone is rational, decorate a small white also not use routines can choose the ceramic tile of a nice and easy. How to choose the ceramic tile? merchants won't tell you choose outdoor wood deck tiles, small make up will tell you, to put the net, experts say, decorate a small white to simple and rough selection to nice and good quality of decking tile, besides to had drawn, and be careful not to adjust fall into the trap of ceramic tile! Bibulous rate is related to quality? No! Bibulous rate experiments to test out very easily, so a lot of businesses will be more intuitive to express his home the ceramic tile of good quality, will give them a such idea, is a good ceramic tile ceramic tile is bibulous rate is low. Actually otherwise, the water absorption of ceramic tile and the quality of ceramic tile is not their own relationship, bibulous rate is just as a classification standard of ceramic tile, not rigid index of the assessment project. And there is also need to remind everybody, bibulous rate is in addition to and not too much ceramic tile quality, and the soil resistance of ceramic tile not relationship, ceramic tile is not resistant to bear or endure dirty, anti-fouling, prevention is mainly related to the layer on the surface of the ceramic tile glaze. So, don't be too myth and the water absorption of ceramic tile! is following the trend of design and color? Many people think, decorate opportunities may be a lifetime only once, so choose the ceramic tile must choose the most trendy look. Actually otherwise, trendy design and color is not suitable for your home, only to choose color according to space can guarantee! As far as possible daylighting is bad, your house, for example, choose the ceramic tile of brighter colors; You are a home is a small family, area is not large, then try to choose a little bit more simple design and color of ceramic tile, according to the main space one-on-one choice, should not only suitable for space, but also to their favorite and can! The thicker the ceramic tile is better? I think not! Others when buying ceramic tile, the businessman will publicize his ceramic tile is very thick, with makings is very full, is the real good ceramic tile. In fact, the difficulty of thick can only process that shows ceramic tile ceramic tile wants big, but because ceramic tile is thick, also illustrates the sintering of its internal degrees may be worse. Need to pay attention to the matter, the thickness of the ceramic tile, does not represent the density of ceramic tile, the greater the density of ceramic tile is good ceramic tile. Now, due to the technological progress, has done more and more thin ceramic tile, we see the good or bad depends on the internal quality of ceramic tile ceramic tile and its manufacture craft! of choose and buy and there are many small details problems a lot of people don't care, also don't know how to look good and the bad.
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