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Ceramic tile area calculation method is what

by:JIABANG     2020-07-28

now many families will choose ceramic tile to the shop is stuck on the ground, such as kitchen, bathroom, living room of the shop is stuck on the ground, and to calculate before buy ceramic tile ceramic tile floor area, so what is the method for calculating outdoor ceramic tile?

first please post lumbar line outdoor wood deck tiles workers measurement should be the total length, calculated as follows:

= total number of slices a waist length & divide; Monolithic waist line long, such as: waist line length is 10 meters, chooses the waist line specifications for 80 mm & times; of 3 mm.

total number of pieces = 10 m & divide; 33 m = 30。 3 ( ) After the decimal point generally adopt the method of upward integer calculation, so the result is 31, I buy more than 1 - 2 slices can be. In estimating the price, can be estimated according to square meter, but to buy ceramic tile, and merchants have to confirm to the piece number can only be, lest, allowing businesses to play algorithm unconsciously tiger away your money. is mainly used in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony wall ground and local background wall. Before the choose and buy should confirm the required number of square meters or piece of ceramic tile, data obtained with two methods. One is according to the foreman measurement provides the number, the other is a floor plan to us through calculated: granite floor tiles area = length * width * ( 1 + 5% loss) ; Wall outdoor wood deck tiles area high = c * * ( 1 + 10% loss) ; Number = area/single chip area; Waist line number + 1 = c/waist line length pieces tile number set by the customer, in general, a wall a piece. Determine the amount of the granite floor tiles of wall of setting aside loss as far as possible, lest appear repeatedly replenishment phenomenon and color difference caused by multiple replenishment, redundant brick without bubble water undamaged can go back. Order to indicate the type, model and use the location.

what is ceramic tile area calculation method is introduced to here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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