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Can I paint on the tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-01
Can I paint on the tiles? If it were you, how would you answer this question, yes or no. If you really don't know how to answer this question, then you must take a good look at this article of mine. In my article, you will definitely find some of the answers you want, editor me Will not let you down. Can I paint on the tiles: What do you think about the question of whether I can paint on the tiles? The editor will share with you. 2. As long as the tiles are brushed up, it is fine, but as a long-term plan, this is not recommended. The main reason is that the surface of the tiles is smooth and has an impact on the service life! Generally speaking, the surface of new tiles has wax or a small amount of talcum powder, to ensure For good adhesion, the surface material should be removed with pine perfume and washing detergent before applying the paint, and generally brushed up under dry conditions, such as the adhesion of the tile veneer (surface) to the matte or hemp surface. It will be better. Generally speaking, the surface coating (paint) used for ceramic tiles is suitable for high concentration to be effective, otherwise it may require repeated brushing to achieve the effect! Hope that can help you. 3. It is generally not recommended to paint on tiles. If you must paint, you have to buy special tile paint on the market, because the exterior wall latex paint is produced by acrylic emulsion, and the adhesion and water resistance are very strong. .After drying on the tile, it can keep on for a long time. However, since the tiles do not eat grout, the paint just painted on the tiles is easy to run or not hang, and it is not easy to cover the wall. It is recommended that you first wipe the dust off the tiles with a dry cloth. When painting the exterior wall paint for the first time, add less or no water to maintain a certain viscosity, which can improve the hiding power and adhesion of the paint. After it is completely dry, brush it again normally. After the second drying, the wall has basically been covered. Then use thick paint to patch it up.
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