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Avoid empty drum ceramic tile have what method

by:JIABANG     2020-08-04

gentleman cheng is one of the project is very important in domestic outfit, the gentleman cheng of the main project is ceramic tile, in general in the actual construction, empty drum ceramic tile is a common phenomenon, so empty drum ceramic tile to avoid what method is there?

1, choose dark lines on the back of the tile

ceramic tile will be at the back design in the design of a grain shape, this is to make ceramic tile and metope can better close contact, don't fall off easily, it is worth noting that the deeper the grain that can guarantee tiles and cement mortar layer is local from but does not fall off, so in the choose and buy when should pay attention to, do not choose as far as possible on the back of the ceramic tile of grain too shallow.

2, choose the ceramic tile with low bibulous rate

to avoid empty drum ceramic tile happen words a good way is to avoid to choose ceramic tile is bibulous rate is too high, at the time of ceramic tile of choose and buy to understand its bibulous rate, the main detection method is, water droplets in ceramic tile the reverse side to scatter the water infiltration to judge, the speed of the slower suction, explain the density of ceramic tile, the greater the opposite words mean density of outdoor ceramic tile is sparse, bibulous rate is higher, the ceramic tile to try not to choose, because if bibulous rate is too high, will empty drum ceramic tile is bibulous of inflation falls off easily.

3, good effect of selection of sand

another way to avoid empty drum ceramic tile is to select good sand, generally can be divided by thickness sand, fine sand, fine sand, medium sand and coarse sand, the more coarse sand mixing cement mortar strength will be higher, but you know, is not the strength, the better the higher the representative, superfine sand is not a very good choice, because adsorption ability is poor and difficult to stickup ceramic tile, therefore suggested that selection of sand in home outfit, because its particles thickness is relatively modest and suitable for use in cement mortar as auxiliary materials of stickup outdoor ceramic tile.

4, cement sand ratio to moderate

in domestic outfit, general granite floor tiles shop is dry method, cement sand according to the ratio of 1:3 blend to allocate and form against the small amount of water. While general shop wall outdoor wood deck tiles adopts wet shop law, cement sand ratio according to the proportion of 1:2 mixed water and good is more appropriate. High ratio of cement mortar can lead to dry moisture loss is too large, resulting in an empty drum ceramic tile.

common cement on the market at present is divided into 225 #, 325 #, 425 # and 525 # four kinds of models, different types of cement will adapt to different concrete demand, the general use 325 # cement in home outfit will be better, because in the home installs the strength of the cement are mostly do not need too big, so don't have to choose high grade cement, and moreover, when the choose and buy the cement pay special attention to see its quality, to avoid, as far as possible, choose the inferior product.

empty drum ceramic tile to avoid what method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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