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You need to know the common pitfalls of buying ceramic tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-04

  In the home improvement, the first decoration material to be purchased is ceramic tiles. For consumers, when buying ceramic tiles, they are often attracted by their prices and styles. They do not know that there are many invisible traps in the purchase of ceramic tiles. The following introduces the common traps to let you know the common traps to avoid being deceived.

   shoddy    when consumers choose ceramic tiles, they usually notice that there are grades on the outer packaging of the tiles, but they rarely understand that there are articles on this grade. At the moment, decking tile manufacturers do not standardize the classification of grades. Some manufacturers have first-class products as superior products. Therefore, it is best to ask about the grade classification of commodity brand manufacturers when buying ceramic tiles. But usually, the first-class product is the best, and the first-class product and the second-class product are the second best. Some unscrupulous merchants will pretend to be first-class and second-class products for sale, and the price is naturally much higher. Therefore, consumers must be careful not to be fooled. Real estate forums, decoration forums, and    market, brand-name tiles are leading the fashion trend in terms of color and style, attracting the eyes of many consumers. Therefore, some businesses take advantage of consumers’ mentality in pursuing brands to produce some imitation brand-style tiles, but the price is only half or one-third of the famous brand. Some consumers buy such imitation products because they are greedy for cheap. Less than the brand's service and quality assurance.   Although consumers are fancy brand products in the store, but some unscrupulous merchants have adopted the act of subcontracting, and when they are delivered to consumers’ homes, they are tiles of other brands of the same design and style. If the consumer has objections, the product is returned, and if the consumer does not see the flaw, he will take the opportunity to earn the difference.  Unknown price tag  In some tile shops, not all products have a price tag. Unscrupulous merchants often only mark one of the lower-priced commodities. When consumers inquire about other commodities, they take the opportunity to drive up the price, causing consumers to fall into the price trap designed by the merchant unconsciously. Let you know the common pitfalls of buying ceramic tiles to avoid being deceived. With the above experience, do you have some basis when choosing ceramic tiles? As a decoration company, we still advise everyone to shop around instead of being completely. If you want to be cheap, you need to know more about it, and you get what you pay for! If you want to know more about tile issues, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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