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Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH

Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH
  • Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH
  • Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH
  • Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH
  • Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH
  • Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH
  • Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH
  • Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH
  • Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH
  • Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH
  • Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH

Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH

  /  Product informationPlastic deck tiles is an innovative product compare...
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Product Details
Want to know more product information? We will provide you with detailed pictures and detailed content of decking squares in the following section for your reference. decking squares is made of quality raw materials and is manufactured with fine processing techniques. It has better performance than other products in the same category in terms of resistance to water, moisture, abrasion, impact, stain, and skid. All this makes it more cost-effective overall.
Company Advantages
1. JIABANG outdoor plastic patio tiles is made of premium raw materials that are sourced from trusted vendors.
2. When it comes to functions, our plastic patio tiles has more evident advantages, such as outdoor plastic patio tiles.
3. The product has always found use in various different fields.
  /  Product information

Plastic deck tiles is an innovative product compare with the traditional tile, combined polystyrene and new PE plastic base by 32 drops galvanized screw. It is an ideal choice for garden flooring. The polysterene has natural woodland surface, available for different color. no maintanence, quick installation, no tools, no adhesive needed.


Product name

  • Color

  • Material
    Polysterene, PE
  • Size
  • Thickness
  • N.W
    0.95 KG
  • 1 square meter
    around 11 pcs
  • Certificate
  • Application
    Outdoor like garden, patio,balcony,terrace, sunroom,etc.
  • Optional package
    brown carton, color box, shrinkage film, window box, display box, pallets,etc.
/  Product details

Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-1


                                                             Front view 


                                                                         Back view

 Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-2

  Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-3

Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-4
Top material
Using polystrene materia with woodlandl surface, no maintanance, durable and stable.
Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-5
Base material
Total new PE material plastic base, 32 pcs drops galvanized screw, more stable and not easy come out.With creative tab  & slot buckle, easy install like play with kids block.
/  Project display
Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-6

For garden

Plastic decking tile PS12P30312LGH for garden
Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-7

For patio

plastic decking tile PS12P30312LGH for patio
Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-8

For porch

plastic decking tile PS12P30312LGH for porch


/  Installation

No Special Tools Required
You don't need any adhesives, tiles spacers or grout or to lay Decking Tiles. Everything you need for a quick and easy installation is included in each box.

Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-9
Step 01
Prepare the Surface
Interlocking Tiles can be placed on most hard surfaces. However, it's important that the surface is as smooth as possible, with no bumps, large cracks, uneven areas or surface depressions that would allow the Decking Tiles to "rock" in place. If the surface is particularly uneven, you may need to level the surface with some patching compound or filler. We do not recommend the installation of Inter Locking Tile on bare ground.
Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-10
Step 02
Plan Your Design
It's easy to create unique patterns, designs and borders by using a combination of different tile styles. You can sketch your design on paper to try various design combinations. The possibilities are endless! 
Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-11
Step 03
Lock the Tiles into Position
Start by placing an Interlocking Tile in the corner of the area that you want to cover, making sure the two sides of the tile with the tabs showing are facing outwards in the direction you will be laying the tiles. Place the edge of the next tile without the tabs showing over the black connecting tabs so these tabs lock into position with the corresponding slots on the underside of the second tile. Repeat this simple "lock in place" process with the remaining tiles, working in a diagonal direction across your entire design.
Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-12
Step 04
Completing Your Project
You can generally avoid cutting Interlocking Tiles where you need to fit around fixed objects, odd shaped areas or against walls simply by filling in the gaps or spaces with medium sized pebbles, volcanic rock or other landscaping material.


/  Key feature
Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-13

Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-14  Easy install

Quick and easy install, no skills needed.

Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-15

Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-16  No Maintenance

No Maintenance needed.


Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-17

Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-18  Water drainage

Non slip surface, perfect water drainage system.

Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-19

Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-20  DIY concept

Available in wide range of materials.

/  Package

We offer wide range packing method to fullfill various customers different requirement.
carton, color box, shrinkage film, pallet, display box,  or other tailor made package.


Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-21

/  Certificate
Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-22
Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-23
Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-24
Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-25
Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-26
Woodland plastic deck tiles PS12P30312LGH-27

Company Features
1. Foshan Jiabang Garden Supplies Co.,Ltd. is a famous firm which specializes in plastic patio tiles.
2. Our professional technician strictly operate machines to ensure its normal operation and produce high quality outdoor plastic tiles .
3. Striving to be a leader in the international plastic garden tiles industry is our ultimate goal. Inquire now! We welcome all criticizims form our customers for plastic decking tiles . Inquire now! Implementing the strategy of outdoor plastic patio tiles is the strategic requirement for the sustainable and healthy development of JIABANG. Inquire now!
High quality material and independent design immensely raise the reputation for JIABANG. It is safe for women who are pregnant or those who might be allergic to polishes
A well designed outdoor plastic patio tiles is capable to outdoor plastic tiles. It helps rebuild bitten and broken nails and makes them always look perfect
Varied plastic patio tiles is one of the features that our plastic decking tiles own. The glue used has passed the CSRI (Cosmetic Product Safety Report
With its properties like plastic decking tiles, plastic decking tiles occupy a magnificent place in plastic decking tiles market. It is easy to apply to both natural and artificial nails
The adopt of outdoor plastic tiles bring the excellent properties such as outdoor plastic tiles to outdoor plastic tiles. The product can stick firmly on the nails for several days
plastic garden tiles is applied to plastic decking tiles for its excellent characteristics of plastic decking tiles. Ladies can use this product to achieve intricate and artful details on their nails without paying a nail artist a lot of money to create them
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