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With the rise of the Internet economy, the marketing of porcelain enterprises has entered a new stage

by:JIABANG     2021-06-26
In recent years, with the rise and development of the Internet, the technological revolution characterized by digitization and networking, and the knowledge economy based on the technological revolution will have a huge impact on people’s production methods, ways of thinking, lifestyles, and behaviors. profound impact. Similarly, it will have a profound impact on the corporate management and corporate marketing of decking tile companies. The following is expounded in several aspects. First, the impact on consumer demand The development of the knowledge economy driven by the technological revolution, on the one hand, has led to the rapid development of social wealth, on the other hand, has increased the living standards of consumers, and has caused the following changes in consumer demand : The rise of the Internet economy, the marketing of porcelain enterprises has entered a new stage 1. Consumer demand tends to be individualized. Due to the knowledge economy, the education level and cultural level of consumers have been generally improved, which has promoted consumers' consumption needs and consumption behaviors to become individualized. At the same time, the knowledge economy brings innovations in technology and knowledge, which leads to the individualization of consumer consumption. Therefore, it is a good choice for enterprises to adjust the single, large-volume marketing method of the original industrial economy era to implement personalized and diversified marketing methods. 2. Consumer behavior tends to be rational. In the era of knowledge economy, due to the improvement of consumers' cultural level and consumption concept, they can use the developed information network to collect information related to purchasing decisions comprehensively and quickly. For example, consumers use computers and mobile phone consulting software to quickly collect relevant product information, and draw up and evaluate different purchase plans to choose the best purchase decision. 3. The needs of consumers have changed from low-level physiological needs to high-level needs, that is, from material needs to spiritual needs, and from functional needs to ecological environmental protection and health. For example, consumers have changed from the original minimum functional needs for food, clothing, housing and transportation. Change to the spiritual needs of cultural education, entertainment, aesthetics and other fields. 4. Consumers face more product choices. The knowledge economy promotes the rapid development of the Internet, so that foreign markets can break through regional boundaries, behavioral boundaries, and time boundaries. Buyers can search and choose ideal sellers through the Internet in any region and at any time. Fierce competition occurs between sellers. This enables buyers to freely choose domestic and foreign sellers. Consumers are becoming more and more picky about products. As a result, the audience rate of single-product standardized products gradually declines, and products with different styles and characteristics will rise. Second, the impact on products. First, the knowledge economy has caused tremendous changes in the extension and connotation of products. From the perspective of product extension, in the era of knowledge economy, not only agricultural products and industrial products have become commodities, but knowledge, services, information and technology have all become commodities, that is, knowledge-related intangible products have become the main consumption objects of consumers. From the perspective of the connotation of products, since knowledge has become the core element of the knowledge economy, the content of knowledge in products is required to increase. As a result, the standard for measuring product value has changed, that is, from the traditional material-based measurement to the knowledge-based measurement. The second is a knowledge economy with information technology as the core, and the rapid development of residential technology has shortened the design, development and use cycles of products. Therefore, enterprises are required to develop new products quickly and quickly put new products into the market. Words: fast, very, accurate. Third, the impact on prices The information technology revolution with digitization and networking as the main features has made the Internet widely used, so that enterprises and users face-to-face bargaining will be a new business trend in commodity transactions, so that there are products based on customer orders. And demand, there is a flexible price direction. In addition, according to the product process, technical characteristics, and related auxiliary conditions, the buyer and the seller can also negotiate with the price. In short, the pricing of future products will have more flexibility and humane considerations in the future.
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