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With empty drum ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-08-04

because ceramic tile is beautiful and very easy to clean and was deeply loved by the masses, most of the family is decorated in times of ceramic tile of laid of choice. But many owners reflect after check-in found home met the phenomenon of empty drum ceramic tile, serious and even fall off naturally, household caused great potential safety hazard for us, but also affect the home beautiful, then what causes the empty drum ceramic tile? The small make up to analyze the cause of several empty drum ceramic tile, and tell you the problems how to solve.

a, check whether the empty drum ceramic tile

you can use small iron bar gently tap on a ceramic tile, by tapping can quickly judge whether there is any empty drum ceramic tile to imagine. If more depressing the tapping of ceramic tile shop sticks quite strong, there is no problem. And the tapping is & other; Product & throughout; The crisp sound, prove the existence of floor tile of wall of not strong enough, empty drum phenomenon.

2, the reason of the empty drum ceramic tile

1, substandard construction way lead to empty drum ceramic tile

wet ceramic tile is very easy to cause the empty drum phenomenon. Because of mortar containing high water, in the process of drying, easy to form some empty, cause of ceramic tile is not fully and bonding at the grass-roots level, lead to empty drum phenomenon. Some construction group in order to save time is, the middle and no sand grey, only in the four corners of ceramic tile with ash, sand is laying outdoor ceramic tile. Just on the shop, the ceramic tile look strong, after the passage of time, the ceramic tile will be because of the different expansion coefficient and cause the drum phenomenon.

2 empty drum, heat bilges cold shrink, cause floor tile

autumn and winter temperature change is bigger in the morning and evening, if ceramic tile in the cement mortar is not completely dry and the temperature is a sudden drop in, this kind of situation will lead to the ground freezing, so the water in the mortar cannot permeability dry completely. Wait until the day when the temperature rises, because the principle of heat bilges cold shrink, cause the floor tile with wavering between grassroots, then become loose, fall off, finally become empty drum. There are many external reasons, such as external force, deformation of floor tile, inferior cement quality problems are the cause of granite floor tiles of empty drum. Not introduce one by one here.

three, floor tile empty drum to do

1, if floor tile causes of empty drum because laid was not filling well cement, the inconsistency between the outdoor wood deck tiles and cement the bubbles and empty drum phenomenon, this solution is to find a teacher immediately directly back, don't have to consider other ways. Now popular a kind of dry pave the way, is the basic water wet, and has and impurities. The use of a do combination than three dry cement mortar layer, according to the horizontal ground paving, brick on the mortar vibrated with rubber hammer, then take down outdoor wood deck tiles water slurry, then put the ground outdoor wood deck tiles real vibration can be flat.

2, and if more than a third of the pavement are empty drum ceramic tile area, Suggestions to pry away all the whole surface of ceramic tile shop again. Because the loss is caused by the contractor, look from the standard, can consider to let the contractor to bear the ceramic tile damaged expenses and expenses of artificial materials.

the article summary: empty drum ceramic tile the cause and the solution is to introduce to here, no matter what the reason lead to empty drum phenomenon, as long as can harm the safe premise, all want to deal with as soon as possible, so as to avoid unnecessary damage to life. We in the upfront when buying ceramic tile also should try to choose the ceramic tile with regular brand, its flatness and thickness are normal, also can reduce the rate of empty drum.

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