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With a balcony ceramic tile shop which considerations?

by:JIABANG     2020-09-05
The balcony granite floor tiles note

1. shop sticks considerations - Metope

ceramic tile in the shop is stuck points for attention to metope processing also is extremely important, in front of the tile must be carefully check the metope, wall crack must first be processed. In decorating a often to blow be bored with child processing of metope, if there is no will be bored with child shoveling tile directly, there are a lot of potential safety hazard, putty would cement surface, easy to cause the production of outdoor ceramic tile falls off phenomenon, so the metope ceramic tile shop must pay attention to the processing of metope.

2。 shop sticks considerations - Adhesive

shop sticks ceramic tile matters needing attention in the deployment of adhesive is also very important, not only can save decoration cost, also can make beautiful ceramic tile shop sticks firmly.

must choose correct cement mark and mixing the mixture of cement sand ratio, the mixed proportion of cement sand or cement mark too high can cause cracking and out of outdoor ceramic tile, the higher the proportion of cement, ceramic tile is the stronger the bonding force, but the cement mixing ratio is high, can lead to increase the coefficient of expansion of cement mortar, easy to cause of ceramic tile outdoor wood deck tiles cracked after the shop is stuck, generally spread stick adhesive for ceramic tile, wall outdoor wood deck tiles is 1:3, floor tile is 1:2, the cement mark is 32. Number five.

3。 shop sticks note, one thing is very important in that is for timely clean ceramic tile, ceramic tile shop is stuck, due to the timely will be redundant bonding material in the ceramic tile aperture scraped clean, use a wet cotton cloth to wipe the dirt on the surface of the ceramic tile, don't wait until the glue material corrugations to wipe clean, such not only can clean the surface of the ceramic tile, can also harm the glaze layer on the surface of the ceramic tile, affect the use and aesthetic, the bonding material after solidification, can the seams with white cement, plaster, paste brush it again.

edit summary: because the light of the balcony is bright, especially some bearing better balcony, plus the balcony is to rest and cool clothes in the bedroom, need to be relaxed atmosphere, so in the balcony upper berth to stick wall outdoor wood deck tiles, had better choose the color of the lighter, for example, light yellow, white, rice white, shallow black, etc. But not share deep color, such as red, brown, etc.
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