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Why to wax on the surface of the ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-22
decoration used friends should have met ceramic tile surface need dewaxing. Although the Internet has a lot of methods about tile dewaxing, this small make up layer in website but a similar soft, but there are still a lot of customers don't know, in recent days in north Tmall flagship store received many customer consultation question how ceramic tile dewaxing. Done a lot of consumer, bridal chamber is decorated, clean ceramic tile, ceramic tile same feeling with a layer of oil on the solid with mop countless can or a piece of that piece of mark can't clean, make decking tile glossiness is poorer, while in the store to see ceramic tile is very bright. This is because what reason is caused? It is ceramic tile glaze layer of wax. Ceramic top ten brand in accordance with the effect after ceramic tile marble tile dewaxing is bright and clean bright, small make up can be used as a mirror. In foshan, the ceramic tile of large brand manufacturers ceramic top ten brands, as we know they will be on the surface of ceramic tile drops of wax to protect the glaze ceramic tile, and we can see that not all of the surface of the ceramic tile of wax. What kind of ceramic tile waxed, how do we clean? First, we need to know in order to protect the wax is the surface of ceramic tile is not damaged. Most of the tile surface will have a wax, such as the glazed ceramic tile, marble tile, polished tile, crystal just glaze, etc. Such as granite floor tiles shop with sediment easily scratched so more need to wax on the surface of the ceramic tile to protect. The wax on the surface of the tile we should how to clean? Many friends even cleaning company will use a blade or thin objects on ceramic tile, the wax removing clean but scratched, ceramic tile ceramic tile is in addition to the below small make up to share with you the method of wax. dewaxing can sprinkle on the floor in the dry, white cement, lime powder, washing powder, flour, and then with a rag, and remove the wax. Decoration of decking tile is not recommended to use some chemical to wax agent to clear, although the speed is faster, but the home is the place where we often stay, chemicals will inevitably have some smell, the influence is healthy. If I need to use the house must be ventilated, make the smell. If it is a large area of engineering, office because use ceramic tile area use dry cloth to wipe method is not practical, that requires a lot of manpower and material resources and time, most of the project after the completion of the decoration are not immediately, so you can choose the floor cleaner, can buy in the market directly. If disrelish dewaxing ceramic tile more troublesome customers can choose according to the new tower marble tile oh, connect body tile use special process and hardness is higher so ceramic tile surface protective film.
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