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Why should the tiles be soaked in water?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-01
Friends who have experienced renovation must have seen the workers soak the tiles before laying the tiles. Many people feel very curious about this phenomenon. So what is the purpose of soaking the tiles? Let’s share with the editor below. Get up and understand why tiles need to be soaked in water? How to soak tiles in water? Why do tiles need to be soaked in water? Soaking tiles in water is to prevent the absorption of moisture from cement mortar, so as to avoid hollowing, falling off, or even cracks, especially for wall tiles. Paste, before paving the wall, you need to sprinkle the wall. Which tiles need to be soaked in water? In terms of the water absorption rate of the tiles, the water absorption rate is less than 0.5%. There is no need to soak water when paving. The water absorption rate of glazed wall tiles and floor tiles for kitchen and bathroom is generally greater than 10 %, it is necessary to soak in water when paving (if it is a porcelain wall tile, the water absorption rate is less than 0.5%, of course, there is no need to soak in water). How to soak the tiles in water? Since 'soak in water' is said, all the tiles must be immersed in water. Generally, the construction party will prepare a large basin. However, there are also some construction teams who pile up the tiles and pour water on them with water pipes, but this can only soak the tiles and will not make the tiles fully 'satisfiedHow long is it appropriate to soak? Because different tiles have different water absorption rates, there is no specific standard. But the end result is that the tiles are required to 'drink' the water until no more bubbles. If the water absorption rate is high, it will take longer to soak. In the rainy season, due to the humid air, the time should be shortened accordingly; when the hot weather is dry, the time should be increased accordingly.
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