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Why not cement ceramic tile shop is stuck

by:JIABANG     2020-12-10

to buy a house to decorate a house, is the most important things in life, because it affects us in the coming decades of life. So before buying a house decorate, we need to know more about the knowledge that decorate, less as far as possible let oneself in the process to make mistakes. So, why not cement ceramic tile shop is stuck?

1, understands decorate knows, ceramic tile is bibulous rate, when we were in the post will absorb the moisture on the cement, so higher requirements for the modulation of cement. If the water content of cement, so ceramic tile stick up soon, will appear empty drum, if off to hit the person, that would be a big problem. So if you want to use ceramic tile, cement to the master for craft requirement is high, this way will be eliminated sooner or later. 2, and cement ratio is lower, with cement to ceramic tile need cost a lot. Because the cement price is not cheap, but also for the master craft requirement is high, so we need to spend big money, to have experience please return to the construction, it will increase many decorate cost. 3, and cement fixation is easy to cause the hollow ceramic tile, this is the greatest hazard to the fixed using cement ceramic tile. Cement is need to stir well before use, a little chef will be cut corners has the uneven situation, will lead to an empty drum decking tile. And we are in the cement under the condition of damp, will stick decking tile, it will under the influence of gravity cement fall, it will put ceramic tile and wall body do not have enough before filling, a hollow. Falls off that can cause ceramic tile as long as the time is long, so not only to rework it may hurt others. Why not cement ceramic tile shop is stuck is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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