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Why does a ceramic tile factory have a background wall 3d tile 3d wall tile 3d floor tile brand so hot?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-27
In 2016, the ceramic tile industry market, the peak season is not busy, and the market is weak; however, many distributors are looking for specialty products and trying to catch users' attention, but the effect is still not good in the end? Is the market demand really going wrong? Why? Consumers don’t buy it? Is there no other reason besides the general environment? Why has the mobile phone market been popular since the first generation of Apple mobile phones, but the mobile giant Nokia and BlackBerry brands have fallen one after another? Just like the CEO of Nokia Ask yourself, what did Nokia do wrong? Of course, many big players in the ceramic tile industry have known the answer-they did not catch the smartphone smart trend! But they are making the same mistake! What are the new consumer trends in the ceramic tile industry? Customized patterns! Patterns What is the core of personalized customization? The core is to design individual patterns or paintings of any size according to any picture, photo, and then make tile puzzles of any size! This is the core competitiveness of tile manufacturers or brand manufacturers! And now 95% of the ceramic tile manufacturers or brand vendors’ dead spots or bottle strength! The node of consumption upgrade in the decking tile industry is here! But in the ceramic tile industry in 2016, the phenomenon of cold and hot is where there is a matching background wall 3D wall tile 3D granite floor tiles 3D art The business of outdoor wood deck tiles tile manufacturers or brands is very hot! Many manufacturers or dealer bosses can’t understand the reasons why those manufacturers or brands are hot! Because those manufacturers or brands have personalized customization requirements for ceramic tiles! 3D art tile personalized customization is a trend The core trend of China! Because the commercial places and housing industry in public installations need to meet the needs of the new generation of consumers, the theme and cultural environment of tile design; the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, study, and president's office in the home improvement need to have a culture that highlights the personality of the owner. Tile! Once the decking tile came out, it was amazing in Europe and America. The arrogant Italian and Spanish tile manufacturer, the leader of the tile world, chose to collectively lose its voice! Tiles (including 3D wall and floor tiles, 3D background walls) combined stereo imaging technology, negative ion, art, Chinese Fengshui, scene culture , Network thinking is implanted in the high-temperature-fired microcrystalline stone wall and floor tiles, which opened the prelude to the revolution of the tile vision-the WeChat-style cross-border subversive movement in the tile industry has officially begun! The ceramic tiles directly hit the blue ocean of private tile customization in the whole house, opening up the explosion The path of wealth growth! Joining ceramic tiles is an honor to be a revolutionary in the ceramic tile industry! The whole house-themed tile customization series of tiles include Ocean World Series, Underwater World Series, Ocean Scenery Series, Landscape Series, Universe Time Series, and Famous Paintings Series, Pastoral Scenery Series, Hanging Series, Religious Famous Painting Series, KTV Bathing Series, Forest Forest Theme Series, Lotus Pond Brocade Series, 3D Sci-Fi Mahogany Series, 3D Three-dimensional Stone Series, Cartoon Theme Series, etc.any theme and any content series!
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