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Why do we have to leave seams in tile paving?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-21
Source: It is an indisputable scientific principle to leave seams in tile paving, and it is also one of the standardized processes of tile construction and paving. However, there are still some construction parties that mislead consumers and use seamless paving for tiles that do not comply with the construction regulations. This kind of situation occurs from time to time in the terminal. The terminal store is often because the construction party did not abide by the standardization process and regulations of tile paving. In the end, the tiled tiles did not achieve the expected effect and the customer complained. The manufacturer is not responsible for any problems caused by not laying tiles in accordance with the construction standards, nor is it obliged to deal with complaints. Therefore, the terminal store must pay attention to telling consumers to leave seams and paste. Before selling ceramic tiles at the terminal, you must inform the customer in detail: 'Seams must be left in the tile paving construction. For problems caused by no seams, the manufacturer will not accept complaints.' Why do we need to leave seams in the tile paving? 1. Anything The object itself is stored in the expansion coefficient associated with the temperature, and the gap can be very good to avoid the phenomenon of tile fracture and arching caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the tile due to the temperature difference. 2. If the tiles do not leave seams during the paving construction, it is easy to have uneven paving. In fact, this is not due to the quality problem of the tile product itself, but because of the process of mixing the slurry in the paving construction. The mud moisture is uneven. After the construction is completed, the mud is highly condensed, resulting in uneven tension and unevenness. The remaining joints can well avoid this type of problem. 3. The regular lines produced by the joints of the tiles can achieve a certain three-dimensional look and feel. At the same time, its role not only beautifies the overall effect of paving space, but to a certain extent, it is also a great relief to visual fatigue. 4. It can also be more convenient in future maintenance and maintenance. For example, the tiles are damaged due to the accidental fall of heavy objects caused by man-made heavy objects. If the seams are left, the damaged tiles can be easily replaced immediately. construction standard process? Floor tile paving standard process: 1. Cleaning and finishing the base floor→ 2. Cement mortar leveling→ 3. Calibration height, elastic line→ 4. Installation standard block→ 5, material selection→ 6, infiltration→ 7 , Paving→8, Irrigation→9, Cleaning→10, Maintenance and delivery. Why is it difficult to spread the terminal seam paving? There are many factors that make it difficult to spread the terminal seam paving tile. One is the misunderstanding of end consumers about the paving with seams, thinking that paving with seams is not easy to clean, the cracks are easy to hide dirt, etc., and their understanding is not clear enough; second, the tile paving workers are laying tiles because of the seams In terms of time, it is longer than seamless, and the process is relatively more complicated. Third, some dealers bind the tiles and the flatness of the tiles. Some dealers do not hesitate to lie for the purpose of achieving sales. Cost; Fourth, the manufacturer does not have the correct guidelines, and the management of the terminal channel store is not standardized. The standard for leaving seams when paving and pasting? Actually, there is no fixed standard for leaving seams. Generally, the length of seam is 3~5mm. In addition, the best standards that should be adopted during construction are also determined according to actual factors such as the category, size, and overall area of u200bu200bthe tile.
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