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Why ceramic tile gap filling

by:JIABANG     2021-01-08

after the decking tile in the shop is stuck will have crack, it is left to you a ceramic tile gap filling process, the following is the small make up for all the collected relatively complete ceramic tile gap filling materials, hope these information about ceramic tile gap filling can help to you.

why ceramic tile shop sticks seam?

1, size error

although the ceramic tile of now is a professional production mechanization, size is very accurate, but in the process of production, there is a certain size error inevitably. Because ceramic tile is vulnerable at the same time, the hard to avoid knock against, in the process of transportation will require secondary clipping when decorate, if no gap when the shop is stuck, it's easy to have a joint is not smooth, affect beautiful ceramic tile.

2, heat bilges cold shrink

average owner likes to focus on the weather is warm in spring and autumn period to decorate, if you aren't well reserved aperture, in winter the weather turns cold, ceramic tile, and stickup ceramic tile cement mortar will has the problem of heat bilges cold shrink. Or moderate changes in temperature in the process of ceramic tile and cement mortar will have certain scale, leading to appear in the process of the ceramic tile in the later use the drum or cracking.

3, construction allowance

the spread of ceramic tile stick look easy, in fact ceramic tile shop sticks asked teacher proficiency is very high. Workers in the course of the shop is stuck, can't completely do the shop is stuck every piece of outdoor wood deck tiles, no error is different in different time of day and night light also can affect the construction effect. Set aside enough gap, to prevent eye see ceramic tile is the same size, but there was a problem together.

leave more wide gap is more appropriate?

1, kitchen and bathroom tiles usually need to 1 mm ~ 1 seam. 5 mm, seamless wall brick also had better leave no less than 1 mm gap, avoid bulge.

2, balcony tiles and special places such as exterior wall outdoor wood deck tiles gap widening best at about 5 mm.

3, leave 1 granite floor tiles. 5 mm to 2 mm seam is more appropriate.

that's small make up to you of some information about the ceramic tile gap filling, hope these data can help to the general owners in need.

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