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Which tiles can be bought for home improvement

by:JIABANG     2021-05-13

   The indispensable part of decoration is the need for ceramic tiles, and ceramic tiles are a headache for many people. I don’t know which ceramic tiles to choose, so which tiles can I choose for home improvement?

  What kind of tiles are used for home decoration? Is it antique tiles or polished tiles? Antique tiles are natural and soft, and have incomparable advantages in retro style, especially mosaic tiles. At the same time, due to the protection of the surface glaze layer, the anti-fouling ability for tea, ink and even hot cigarette butts is also better than that of vitrified tiles. However, vitrified tiles are not useless. With the development of technology, the compactness and smoothness of the vitrified layer on the surface of vitrified tiles are now quite high, which can not only make the room look brighter, but will never look like outdoor ceramic tile due to external force collision , The phenomenon of glaze damage caused by friction, so the choice of ceramic tiles should be based on the style you want to reflect. If you want to be bright and atmospheric, choose polished tiles, and if you want natural and warm, choose antique tiles.   It is recommended to choose vitrified tiles for the living room and living room if the lighting is relatively limited, while the living room with sufficient light, and the floor of the kitchen and bathroom that need anti-slip, and the balcony can choose antique tiles or other outdoor ceramic tile.   Here is the introduction of which tiles can be purchased for home improvement. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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