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Which one is better to produce ceramic tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-08

Which one is better to produce ceramic tiles? This problem is a good manifestation of the owner's psychology when choosing a tile brand. Regarding the issue of which ceramic tile is better, everyone has their own ideas. The following is an answer that many people approve of which is the best ceramic tile produced by the editor.

Which ceramic tile manufacturer is better?

1. Marco Polo tiles occupy the market with 'cultural ceramics' and enjoy the reputation of 'antique tiles'

2, Dongpeng ceramic tile is one of the large-scale, complete varieties and specifications, and one of the professional production enterprises with good reputation

3. Wrigley ceramic tile high-quality ceramic tiles, focusing on the combination of Italian art elements

4. Loulan tiles are famous for their high imitation of natural textures, and the carving of small details such as concave and convex surfaces and moth-eaten effects.

5. Hue

6. Gaoen Ceramics imported glazed materials, the main series of polished tiles

The ceramic tile manufacturer introduces you decking tile purchase skills?

1, check . Check the product packaging box should have the factory name, factory address, product name, after-sales service phone number, specifications, quantity, trademark, production date and implemented standards. For porcelain tiles, check the CCC certification mark, and for ceramic tiles for interior decoration It is advisable to choose products whose radionuclides meet the requirements of Class A.

2, look. The glaze surface of good quality ceramic tiles should be smooth and delicate, the glossy glaze should be crystal clear and bright, and the matt glaze should be soft and comfortable. Under sufficient natural light or fluorescent light, the outdoor wood deck tiles is placed 1 meter away and observed vertically, and no obvious glazed defects should be seen. The patterned outdoor wood deck tiles pattern should be delicate and lifelike, and there should be no obvious defects such as lack of color, broken line, dislocation and so on. The shading and trademark on the back of high-quality ceramic products are clear and complete, with few glaze marks or defects.

3. Fight. The size deviation of good products is small. Put a batch of products vertically on a flat surface to see if there are any irregularities. Looking at the level of flatness, you can close the sides of the two bricks to see if there is a gap. Good products have little deformation, and the outdoor wood deck tiles surface is smooth and beautiful after paving. Look at the color difference of the product, put a few bricks together, and look carefully under sufficient light. The products with different shades between the products will have a poor overall effect after paving.

The above is some information compiled for you by the editor about which is good for producing ceramic tiles. I hope that while understanding these contents, you can also consider the actual situation of your house more. Only in this way can we choose a tile brand that is more suitable for ourselves.

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