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Which kind of non-slip bathroom tiles to choose?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-07

  In toilets, kitchens and other places, safety is one of the most important considerations. Especially the toilets are easy to have water, and slip resistance is a basic requirement for purchasing materials. There are many styles of non-slip floor tiles in bathroom, so which non-slip bathroom tiles to choose? The following editor will introduce several common floor tiles one by one.

  Full body outdoor wood deck tiles    Because the surface of the whole body brick is rough, its anti-skid property is the best, and the abrasion resistance is also better. Generally speaking, the anti-skid brick is the whole body brick. There are many color choices, but the ornamentation will be relatively simple, and the vertical specification of the ornamentation will be used. The price is relatively affordable, and the overall cost performance is high. It is suitable for laying in the bathroom.  Mosaic tiles   The flexibility and variety of mosaic tiles make many people like it, and they can lay more effects. In terms of slip resistance, mosaic tiles are made of smaller size bricks to form a large size outdoor wood deck tiles. The gap between these small bricks greatly increases the slip resistance, so it is also very suitable for use in the bathroom.      are bricks that have been treated with glaze on the surface. They are fired from porcelain clay with low water absorption and strong anti-fouling ability. They are often used in decoration. Although it is inferior to the whole body tile in terms of slip resistance, its pattern design is richer, and it has better slip resistance than polished tiles, and it is also used more in the bathroom.   vitrified brick    vitrified outdoor wood deck tiles is based on the whole body of the brick body, so it is also one of the whole body bricks, but the surface will be polished to form a mirror effect. The water absorption rate of vitrified tiles is less than 0.5%, and the hardness is high. In an environment with water, vitrified tiles have better anti-slip properties than when they are dry, so they will also be used in the bathroom.   polished tiles    polished tiles are also a kind of whole-body bricks. They are manufactured after polishing the whole-body brick body, but the slip resistance is not as good as the above ones, and it is generally not used in the bathroom or kitchen. It is light in weight and not easy to be deformed, so it can be used in living room, bedroom and other spaces with low anti-slip requirements. One disadvantage of polished tiles is that they are not resistant to dirt and are easily contaminated. The anti-skid tiles for bathroom tiles are introduced here. In addition to polished tiles, others can be laid in the bathroom. Among them, the best anti-skid floor tiles for bathroom are full-body tiles. Mosaic tiles, glazed tiles, and vitrified tiles are in pattern styles. There are more choices, the overall appearance will be more beautiful, and the non-slip properties can also satisfy the use in the bathroom.

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