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Which is the best floor or tile for the living room?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-15

  In the living room decoration, should the floor be better or ceramic tiles? This is the main choice faced by many decoration industries. The living room is a place where there are more family activities, and the characteristics of people's activities in this space should be fully considered. Next, the editor will introduce to you which one is better, floor or tile for the living room?

  1. The floor has a strong thermal insulation performance to the indoor temperature, while the floor tiles have relatively poor thermal insulation performance due to fast heat conduction. Especially in spring or autumn when there is no heating but is approaching winter and in winter when the heating is not turned on, the whole ground will feel very cold and not comfortable enough. 2. Compared with the wooden floor, the surface of the decking tile has a lower friction coefficient and is more prone to slipping. It is prone to small family accidents such as falling and rubbing. In families with children and the elderly, the floor tiles cause more serious damage to the elderly and children. Therefore, the floor is more suitable for home paving. 3. The price of floor tiles is higher than that of wooden floors. The specific comparison is as follows: floor tiles price: 150,400 yuan/square meter; solid wood flooring: 150,400 yuan/square meter; laminate flooring: 100,150 yuan/square meter; granite floor tiles paving: decoration company installation: 3540 yuan /M2; the cost of transporting floor tiles to the house and upstairs: 35 yuan/m2. Solid wood floor installation: 25 yuan/square meter, of which, if the multi-layer solid wood is covered with moisture-proof mats, the installation cost is only 1,215 yuan/square meter. Laminate floor installation: The manufacturer does all the package, and some baseboards are given as a gift.   4. Floor tiles consume more energy. Although the floor tiles seem to be well maintained, they are prone to black seams, and scratches are obvious, and all the broken ones have to be replaced. Now the solid wood floor does not need to be waxed, and it can be replaced by a single piece if there is a problem. The difficulty of maintenance of wooden floors is a thing of the past. Now both solid wood floors and laminated floors have greatly improved their wear resistance. Because of their good abrasion coefficient, the laminated floors have eliminated many problems in later maintenance. However, the floor tiles will appear black seams over time because they are not easy to clean and manage. The floor tiles and the floor tiles become darker and darker due to dirt, which not only affects the beauty but also affects the health. In particular, if a damaged piece is damaged, all the floor tiles need to be replaced, which is very wasteful. . However, the wooden floor can be replaced by a single piece in a similar situation, which is very convenient.  Which is the best floor and tile for the living room is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the decoration knowledge to learn more.

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